Good looks

We all know the importance of good looks and how they make us feel important. Of all the things we do in life, we give highest importance to our looks and the same has the least importance. Have we realised it yet? Of course not! I have seen many people ask me, “Do I look good in these clothes?” It’s nice that you care about being nice and for some occasions, you should definitely look good but when it comes to relaxing time such as going for the walk in evening or watching a movie with your friends or loved ones, we should focus more on our level of comfort rather than worrying about what everyone else will think of you. Most of the people don’t know you so it doesn’t matter. Few know you who don’t care whatever you wear. So why not enjoy your own company and have peace of mind. Also, constantly judging yourself for the sake of others is also a sign of low self confidence as it indicates that we are not confident enough to let others like us. Next time when you go outside for fun, be yourself. Go with the same pair of clothes you had inside your home and don’t comb your hair perfectly. Make yourself look less beautiful for you’ll attract right people.