This is the reason why most people hate their jobs


If you are one of the employees anywhere in the world, you might have experienced the feeling of absolutely being disappointed with your job and feeling like resigning the moment your boss scolded you or gave you a mindless task to complete! And it’s normal. Believe me; each and every employee in the world feels like this even those who are not saying it. And they continue to suffer because they don’t see any hope. They have accepted this default way of life.

When I asked myself what makes me happy in spite of being a terrible employee, I was amazed by the answer I got.

What made me happy was not regular pay check I got but the passion I had on the side and the effort I was putting to make that passion come to life.

I observed people around me. After coming home from their jobs, they would just roam ideally, gossip, watch TV or sleep. There was no definite plan of what they wanted to do. When I came home, I had lots of things to look forward to do. I was planning my next book, next seminar, reading something and also working on developing my podcasting skills. This gave me happiness. One hour spend in doing such tasks was more than one week of mindless work at job.

If you are one of those people who hate their job, ask yourself these simple questions, “Am I living my authentic life?”, “Do I have any interests outside my job?”

IF you are not enjoying what you do all day, there’s no point wasting your life by idleness. Develop some interest, learn something, teach something and watch your life gwetting meaningful day by day.