What are you afraid of?


Friends, sitting in my balcony this beautiful rainy weather, something was disturbing me. I went a bit deeper into my feelings as to what was troubling me and I found that deep inside, I was afraid of few things. Things which might go wrong and things I might fail at.

These were disturbing me from fully enjoying the present moment. But then, I came across a quote in the book ‘The 4-Hour work week” by Timothy Ferriss. And it said:

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” – MARK TWAIN.

Man! How true is that? There no better source for an advice than an old man telling you through his life experience.
This about it friends, 99% of things we worry don’t happen. Why are we spending our time in such things which might never happen?

Time to chill my friends. Whatever your dream is, keep working on it because what you are worrying about right now might never happen.


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