How to know if you are on right track


I was confused. I was sick. I was tired. I didn’t know what to do. I was trying hard. I was trying really hard working on my dreams. And yet I was failing. Falling flat on my face every single time.
But then, I got a breakthrough. I got a great response from my audience. People loved my seminars. They gave excellent feedback. My sessions were helping people. They felt connected. I was happy.
But as we all know, life is never a straight line. It’s always full of ups and down till we die. And now I am sad again.
And therefore, I am holding in my hand, Chris Guillebeau’s 1st book, THE ART OF NON-CONFORMITY. And he wrote,

When you look to yourself instead of anyone else for answers, you are on right track.”

And man, he’s so right.

While I was upset and looking for answers, I wasn’t looking for answers from anyone else. I was just thinking and letting my conscience answer me. It felt so right after reading that quote from the book.

What about you? Who are you looking for answers to?

My advice, look within.


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