3 timeless principles I live my life by.


I was jogging on a beautiful Sunday morning in a park and I was looking at the fitness freak people. Along the way, I was looking at few hawkers who were selling fruit juices and happily serving it to people. And along the way, I overheard two ladies in the fifties, talking about the problems in their life. They later moved into their car.
It made me wondering who was more successful in their life – the hawker who was happy serving few people every day or those ladies who had lots of money but were too busy complaining. I leave the answer up to you but the reason I am telling you this story is because a lot of people have confused success with money. When they don’t have enough money, they think they are not successful. That’s fine f money is their passion. But the problem begins when they want instant money. They are not ready to invest time into their success. And true success, takes time. Period.
And it’s the same philosophy that motivates me to work hard daily even though I see no results. With that, I share with you three timeless principles which have helped me at every stage in life when I was stuck, confused and I had no clue what I want to do with my life.

1. You always have time.

This is the most common excuse people give when they are not able to do anything they want to do. But the real reason why they are not doing something they truly want to do is because they have become the servants of their circumstances. Instead of ruling their day, their day rules them. Right from the moment they wake up till they sleep, there’s not even a single thing they do which they truly desire. They do all the things which either others have told them to do or because of the circumstances. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day and whatever you do in those hours determines the rest of your life. And if you have a job you don’t like working, then you have those remaining 2-4 hours where you have to work hard. And if you can’t find time to do something in those hours, do you think you’ll be able to change your life? Do I need to say anything more?

2. Go out and get busy.

You won’t get a breakthrough by just day dreaming and visualizing. You have to go out and meet new people, talk to them, learn from them and then present your ideas. And we have a limited attention span these days because of lots of information out there. So you have to continuously go out and show up if you want to get notices. Here’s a quick tip. Instead of watching an hour of TV today, go out and attend a social event of your interest, call a friend, post your story online via blog, read a book, meet new people and ask them what’s going on in their lives and how can you help. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities showing up your way.

3. Don’t give up.

Have you ever heard of a person who has become an overnight success? I bet you have for sure. But what you have missed to notice is the years of silent hard work and training that person has put into his work to become an overnight success. When you find time daily to do something you love and meet likeminded people, it won’t give powerful result immediately. Rather, it’s like a compounded interest. Whatever you do daily, the small steps add up to become an incremental success even before you know it.

That’s the three lessons I live by. What your three lessons to live by?