One word that is killing your DREAMS


Friends, do you know a word which is killing your dreams alive?
A word which we use daily and that too number of times!
A word which is our favourite!
A word which is difficult to ignore?
YES! This small tiny word is dangerously affecting our life in number of ways we can’t even imagine.
Think of how many times have you postponed something just because you thought you would do it tomorrow?
We always keep it for tomorrow because we believe that there’s enough time tomorrow.
But friends! How do you know if you will be alive tomorrow?
Time waits for no one and your completion won’t. Neither will your life. So what are you waiting for?
So many people are breathing till 75 but are dead at 25. Why?
Because they always thought “TOMORROW” will come. And guess what, TOMORROW came but they always waited for another TOMORROW, then another, then another. And they spent their entire life waiting.
Do you want to spend your entire life waiting for TOMORROW and regret at the end?
Just remember the NIKE slogan, “Just Do It”.
Because TODAY is all we have.


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