3 big life lessons 2015 taught me.

new-years-eve-2015-583221_960_720As we welcomed 2016 with open heart, I reflected on what happened in 2015. How the year did go? Was it full of memories? Was it a dull one? Was it adventurous? Was it as I planned? And when I looked back, I was proud of the accomplishments I made, the risk I took and the people I met. And when I thought deep about what I learned from those moments, I came across three most important things I learned in 2015.
1. You always have time: The most frequent thing people complain about is that they don’t have enough time. From their full time job and family, they don’t have time to do what they want. I have a question for those people. Then what do have time for? To do the things you don’t like? Life is too short and you don’t know when you might end up in regret. I spend daily 10.5 hours in my job including conveyance but I use the remaining time smartly. I listen to inspiring podcast while in bus and read books when in line for shopping or ATM. If you have WILL to do something, you always have TIME.

2. Don’t give up: It’s my fourth year in blogging and don’t have a very large group of readers but I kept going for my passion and this is what I received in my twitter account one day.


You have to persist when others give up. Remember this.

3. Go out and get busy: I was tired every time I come from office to meet new people; I was tired early morning to get up early to meet new people but guess what? After I took the first step, I met interesting people who opened up the door of opportunity for me and I landed few speaking gigs and media coverage.
If you just remember these 3 lessons, I bet you are going to rock your 2016. Guys, remember that before you know, the opportunity will pass by. And it’ll go to the person who is willing to do the above three things to do something that matters.
What are you willing to do to make 2016 your best year ever?

One word that is killing your DREAMS


Friends, do you know a word which is killing your dreams alive?
A word which we use daily and that too number of times!
A word which is our favourite!
A word which is difficult to ignore?
YES! This small tiny word is dangerously affecting our life in number of ways we can’t even imagine.
Think of how many times have you postponed something just because you thought you would do it tomorrow?
We always keep it for tomorrow because we believe that there’s enough time tomorrow.
But friends! How do you know if you will be alive tomorrow?
Time waits for no one and your completion won’t. Neither will your life. So what are you waiting for?
So many people are breathing till 75 but are dead at 25. Why?
Because they always thought “TOMORROW” will come. And guess what, TOMORROW came but they always waited for another TOMORROW, then another, then another. And they spent their entire life waiting.
Do you want to spend your entire life waiting for TOMORROW and regret at the end?
Just remember the NIKE slogan, “Just Do It”.
Because TODAY is all we have.

5 sure fire ways to become an expert at anything for free


Who is an expert? An expert is a person who is a master in a particular field. He/she has a specific knowledge which can be helpful to others in a particular way. We all turn to experts for our everyday work. We go to expert if our car is not working, we go to export if we want to buy insurance; we go to expert if we want relationship advice. Yes, these are all people who have spent countless hours into their skills and followed their interests which have made them the expert. Unfortunately in today’s world, though number of experts is increasing, it’s very low as compared to other group of people. The rest of people depend on the experts to get things done and the main reason why many of us are not experts is because most of us have a notion that becoming an expert requires investment. No, they are not worried about investment in time; they are worried about money as an investment. And when they don’t have money to join a school or classes where they can learn their subject, they stop. And they give up.

But there’s a good news for people trying to build their expertise for time has changes and these days, you don’t require thousands of dollars to become an expertise. With minimal investment and five ways shown here, you are sure to become an expert. Ready to start your journey? Here it goes.

  1. Read: All great leaders are great readers. There are tons of business and self help books available that if you search the five top books from your area of interest and apply those lessons, you’ll be far more ahead than others who have spent thousands of dollars but don’t apply those lessons. With books, you can gain the distilled knowledge of an expert in a very short time. Moreover technical knowledge isn’t the problem, what we need is more courage and boldness to become an expert and books can easily teach you that. What can be best way to learn than this?
  1. Listen: All the experts use their time well. They don’t waste their precious time gossiping or sleeping more than required. When commuting, try listening to various entrepreneurial podcasts. This will turn your journey into an automobile university and you’ll be able to learn a lot more while you travel than you can learn from sitting at one place.
  1. Watch: TED is a great resource to learn where the world is going. If you want to be an expert, you need to learn how to present your idea in a short, effective way. Watch one TED talk everyday to get a glimpse of public speaking. Attend seminars or join a local speaking class to be an effective speaker. This will take your expertise to a whole new level.
  1. Practice: Enough of learning. Now it’s time to apply all that you’ve learned into small actionable steps. I suggest applying 80-20 rule to this. For every 20% knowledge you gain, take 80% action. You’ll learn more than taking imperfect action than learning all day long and taking very few actions.
  1. Ask: When you learn and take action, you’ll make mistakes and gain confidence by learning from it. You’ll have doubt too. At this point. You should not be afraid to ask people. Asking for help to others who have been there done that will add to your knowledge and regularly taking these five steps will slowly add incremental success to your expertise.

Are you ready to become an expert now? Don’t wait till tomorrow to start your journey. Take action TODAY.