You only need 1 good reason.

17241030105_8a2cf9cc45_oDid you ever made a good enough excuse why you can’t do something? Think hard. We all have. If we don’t want to do something or are afraid of doing it, we find ways to avoid it. We find 1000 reasons why we are not capable of doing it. But we forget to see the positive side. Of course it’s hard to focus on bright side when all focus you have is on dark side. But we also need to remember that it just takes one stick of matchbox to remove the darkness. Same way, there might be 1000 reasons why you can’t do something but what you need is one good reason why you want to do it. And that is all it takes. Just one good reason.

There was a young boy named Kamlesh. Kamlesh was an ambitious boy who was working for a top management firm. He enjoyed his first 2 years of job but slowly, he got bored of his job. There was no sense of passion in his job. He didn’t love his work. His work didn’t excite him. After his marriage, things got worse. Traveling was consuming his most of time and he got less time to spend with his wife. Finally he decided to take control of his life. He loved banking sector and working in bank means very less travel as compared to his current job. So he decided to prepare for a banking exam.

Like every one of us, there were 1000 reasons why he couldn’t pursue his dream. He didn’t have a degree in banking, he had very less financial knowledge, and he didn’t have time to prepare and many more. But he had 1 strong reason why he wanted to do it. He wanted to do what he loved and more time for his family. So he slowly started preparing for the exam. Then he quit his job and prepared for three months for his exam. Finally the results came after two months and he joined the bank one month later.

Now he has started his job at a bank and loves his job. While most of his friends were happy blaming the circumstances, their family and their salary, Kamlesh took control of his life and took six months break before he got his next salary. But those six months of belief and hard work will pay him for the rest of his life.

Think hard friends. Do you want to avoid pain for few months or years and suffer rest of your life? Or do you want to act like Kamlesh and take pain for few months and enjoy rest of your life?