1 thing you must do apart from your job.


Wonderful readers!

I had a thought this weekend.
A thought about our life.

When so many people are waiting for weekends to enjoy and crying on Mondays.

What are you doing?

Do you want to spend your entire life in a cubicle completing other people’s priorities and making other people rich?

Do you want to spend your entire life paying bills and then die?

Yes! That’s what most people do and they cry when they don’t have enough money to enjoy what life has to offer them.

Listen! Having a job is a good thing. But if you want your life to take to the next level, you must do something apart from your job that sets your heart on fire.

Research has proved that improving 1% daily can increase your chances of becoming success.

And with a full time job, what we can do is we can spend 1 hour daily doing the work we love.

Yes we have that choice and unfortunately, very few people take advantage of it.

We spend that extra few hours on television watching mindless celebrity gossips.

We spend our precious time on those people and then we wonder why we aren’t like them?

How can you be? Why even you would when all you care is just to be comfortable in your routine and interested in other people’s lives rather than yours?

When you die, you should with a full sense of satisfaction that you did something true to your heart.

Learn that guitar, a new language, a new dance step, give a speech, start a business, write a book. You’ll remember that.

You won’t remember countless hours spent on your television.

And you won’t regret watching less TV but trust me; you’ll definitely regret not pursuing your dream.

So use your few hours/minutes daily and start doing something that pumps up your heart, which gives your heart, a true joy.

That my friend, is a path to true success.


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