10 ways to live like a rich

UntitledEveryone wants to live a rich life but not everyone has a chance to live one. Fortunately, though, we have developed a false belief about rich people. Many of us believe that being rich means having a beautiful bungalow, a big car, wearing branded clothes and going to foreign holidays. But as the times have changes, definition of rich has also changed. These days, being rich means rich with your mind. You have to believe you are rich. It’s just a state of mind. And if you believe it wholeheartedly, you will surely come up with ways to live like a rich without compromising your current lifestyle. Here’s how.

1. Start investing early:

Almost every rich on this earth has invested their money early or wisely. But for better advantage, you have to invest early and wisely too. That’s how compounding works. The earlier you start, more saving grows and you are able to enjoy the luxuries of rich.

2. Invest in experiences rather than possessions:

Gone are the days when people used to judge each other by the things they possess. In today’s world, people don’t care what others think of them. They just want to spend their money on travel and experiencing this world rather than buying things and staying at same place. This way, you also add new experiences and contacts to your life which can lead to new opportunities.

3. Read books:

Rich people are rich because they have some knowledge which others don’t and they use that knowledge to their advantage. Books bring experiences of other people and their mistakes to your life which helps you widen your knowledge and wisdom. When you use that knowledge, you are ahead of all the people who are ignorant of that knowledge.

4. No mediocre thoughts please.

Rich people think thought that make them take action like no one else. And where does the confidence to take that action come from? Their thoughts. They think big. And that’s why they success. That’s the reason they are rich.

5. Visit places (any) rather than sitting at home.

We usually make a habit to be at home when we are free and watch TV. Rich people gather experiences, make new contacts and visit places. You never know when you might strike a chord with someone influential, get that aha moment or discover a breakthrough idea by being outside.

6. Talk or watch how rich people act.

Your surroundings matter. The way you behave matters. Observe how rich people behave and try to have an attitude of richness in your behaviour. Be careful to stay away from ego. When you constantly practise being rich, you actually start feeling like you are one.

7. Stop hanging around negative people.

Rich people are rich because they are super positive. They don’t fear failure. They fear not trying. Negative people drain the energy out of you. You need that energy to bring richness in your life. Stay away from them.

8. Always find the best deals and discounts by negotiation.

Art of negotiation is the best thing you can be expert in if you want to be. Many deals have been made which have made people rich because they were negotiated very well. Also, try to find coupons for restaurant and travelling. You’ll live like a rich with a small budget.

9. Take imperfect action and do things that you fear most.

When you wait for long to take action, you will never act. But when you take imperfect action, you learn along the way and that’s how all the rich people in the world have learned. In fact, that’s the only way to learn. You never learn just by reading.

10. Be grateful.

Above all else, be grateful. You want to be rich because you want to live like someone you admire. But there are many who want to be like you. Slow down for a moment and admire all the things you have.
Because rich is a state of mind.

These students learned what is not taught in 1.0 lakh Schools and 35,000 colleges across India.

IMG-20150720-WA0001Recently, when GTU Innovation Council had an inspiring session for their Motivational Mondays, the seminar turned into a spark of motivation within students. GTU Innovation Council’s first objective is to nurture creativity and innovation within the University community and has been designed to act as a catalyst of change for the whole of the society. It also has a Student Startup Support System where the students have freedom to think and implement the creative ideas they have. They regularly conduct various workshops on Ideation, business model, photography and many other technical workshops.

The session was designed to bring the most important habit in front of students which is found commonly in all the successful people right from history till today’s age. Yet, as the topic suggests, is not taught or emphasized in the entire education system. What is this habit which is so common still most of the people are not aware of?

It’s using their natural skills and strengths, finding their passion and turning them to solve some problem.

Yes! That is exactly what is needed in today’s world. And this is the only thing which is most scarce. The speaker gave a path for finding our skills and strengths as given below.



(The most important thing is that you have to decide first that you have to find your skills and strengths. If you don’t even know and you are not even aware of it, how can you find your natural talents?)

Know your WHY

(You need to be very clear why you want to find your skills and strengths. And the proper answer for this can be that you need to make your impact in this world and in order to work at your highest level, it is must that you find your talents which will keep you interested in your work for long term)

Enter “no excuse” zone

When you decide why you want to do something, you’ll constantly make excuse for not doing the work. It is at this moment that you have to remember why you are doing it and enter the no excuse zone. After all, it’s your dream and if you keep on making excuse, do you think anyone else will be as passionate as you in your work?

Doubt your doubt

Even the most smartest and successful people on this Earth doubt themselves. But they don’t let doubt stop themselves. They doubt their doubt. Even if you or someone else doubts your idea or your ability, you have to doubt that doubt and act in spite of that. If you doubt whether your idea will go wrong, imagine what will happen if everything goes as per your plan and even exceeds your expectations?

Keep trying

Even after you know your reason, remove doubt and enter no excuse zone, you have to keep trying no matter what. Successful people have all the persistence needed in this world. They are never in hurry. They know success takes time.

The second part of session was very exciting as the students were given three signs which can be the key to finding their passion in life.

  1. You can easily work long hours in a day without being tired and worrying about money:

Nothing can be damn so sure than this. You cannot work if you lose, you cannot work if you are tired and you cannot work if you constantly worry about getting paid but when you work in spite of all these barriers, it’s your passion. And then, you don’t have to work, your passion will make you work for itself.

  1. The one you can’t go even a single day thinking about:

Every day, we think about all sorts of things related to our life but when you are obsessed with your passion, you can’t help but think about it all day long.

  1. An experiment:

Think as if you are about to die in few hour. Rewind your whole life in few seconds. What do you see? Did you feel like missing anything? Did you feel like you should have done something? That is what you should be doing with your life now.

The session ended with one big lesson, “When your greatest skill meets world’s greatest need, you’ll have your purpose of life.”

Good news for everyone.


I am glad that you are here. I have a good news for everyone reading this blog. It’s not a gift but if you accept it with heart, the news you receive is going to change your life.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

First of all, it’s a great news to begin that you are very successful right at this moment and if have even an inch of doubt that you are not, this will clear your doubt.

Why should you believe me? Because there are some things which you’ll learn the hard way.

There are a number of things you could be doing now or many roles that you’ll be playing. And at every stage, whatever you do, you can make a difference. Whether it be spending time with your child, wandering when you are lost/confused, watching TV or going for a interview.

And for making the difference, all you have to do is be a constant student for life. 

Because when you keep learning, there are some hidden aspects which you find about yourself.

And the moment you have that thought, life changes.

So get up people and start doing something worthwhile.

Because we are not born to pay bills and die.

7 Hidden But Powerful Qualities of Successful Students

Student_in_Class_3618969705-380x248Student life can be one of the most important stages in a person’s life, everyone is getting into a race now a days to become top in their field. It is essential to being a lifelong learner in order to move ahead in life. But unfortunately, we stop formal learning after we complete school or college and then we complain why things are not changing. But, if we effectively pursue some of the good habits right from the student life, mastering any skills and getting ahead becomes much easier. Here are seven habits that good students have:

1. Curiosity

Ask any successful person in this world and they will tell you that the first way they started any worthwhile project was by getting curious. This is the most understated yet essential quality for getting ahead in life. Curiosity leads to discovery and innovation. For students, start with being curious about subjects and absorbing information as it is presented to you.

2. Observation

When you are curious about any person, observe how he does what he does. When you curious about any work, observe how it is being done. And watch how mistakes are made, rectified, and corrected. Observe how successful decisions are made. After observing, you have to apply those lessons to yourself and get feedback. For students, observe how the successful students in your class does, how do they excel, and how are their habits different from your own. Once you have observed this differences, you should know exactly where to start.

3. Ask questions

When you are curious and you observe something, there comes a time when you don’t understand how it is being done or some of the basics are not clear. At this time, you have to ask questions like, “How is it done with so little effort?”, “How can I start doing this in my life?”, “What can I learn from this?”, “Which people I have to meet to start doing this in my life?”

When you ask questions like this, you stretch your imagination; you discover things about yourself which you didn’t knew previously. For students, ask questions to your teachers, parents, friends and any person you meet. Asking questions is a natural, yet essential, part of learning. All good students know when to listen and then when to probe for further information.

4. Willpower

When you observe with curiosity and ask questions, you will uncover things you never had before. But there will be times when you don’t feel like doing it and let it go. At such times, you have to use your willpower and decide to get things done. You have to believe in yourself that you’ll get answers no matter how much are feeling low or rejected. When you use your willpower and keep going, you’ll see amazing results. Learning something new takes willpower and persistence.

5. Discipline

Because mastery is found in consistently taking disciplined action. Learning a new language, studying a new subject, or learning about a career all takes discipline. You can only master something with persistent effort. Some good students stick to a schedule, like setting aside a specific number of hours per day to study.

6. Take action

When you take action, you learn a lot more than you learn with just reading or listening. Even if you act without thinking, you learn a lot about the subject compared to everyone else who just reads. You have to be fearless about taking tests, getting feedback, and improving yourself day by day. The most effective way to learn is by doing. You can only read so many books about swimming until you simply have to jump in the pool.

7. Remove distractions

No matter how you condition yourself for success, you will still have to remove everyday distractions to get ahead. These days our attention spans have gone short because distractions are always there to stop us to focus on our work. But successful know that in order to benefit most from their habits, they need to remove distractions effectively, they need to channel their energies in a way that they get most from their effort. Simple tasks like putting away your cell phone or not watching TV while studying all help you get ahead.

Apart form all the old age advice of hard work, keep your focus on developing these seven attributes and you’ll be soon heading toward a successful career as a student.

This article first appeared on lifehack.