6 habits of really successful students which may surprise you

imagesStudent life is the most important part of human lives as we pick up most of our behaviors and attitudes from this stage, what we do in future as well as the decisions that we make depend on the beliefs we have adopted from this stage. Somehow, somewhere our student life plays an important role behind the person we are, how we behave, and whether we will succeed in life. A successful student is a one who not only achieves excellence in school life but also beyond that, in real life. Successful students are not only bookworms but they also have some qualities which makes them stand apart from the crowd.

1. They know why they are studying.

Successful students don’t just study for marks. They know the reason why they are studying. They have a vision of future, a strong desire and enough willpower to do what they need to get done in order to get a life they want. They know that getting good grades is just a small part of being successful. If you only focus on marks, you’ll lose when you fail because of some unexpected situation beyond your control.

2. They are not afraid to ask questions.

Successful students do what majority of students are afraid to do. They ask questions. They ask bold questions. They ask till their doubt is resolved. They do not fear being judged. They do not dear being laughed at because they know that in order to succeed in life; they have to be clear on whatever task they take in their hands. And in order to be clear, you have to shamelessly ask questions and understand things.

3. They study difficult subjects first.

Successful students know that in order to excel, you have to do difficult tasks as victory never happens in your comfort zone. In order to climb the Everest, you have to climb that mountain in your head first. They know they are good at easy subjects but tough ones are those which will give them the edge above other students because most of students are scared to study them.

4. They don’t study for marks.

Successful students have a deep desire to learn. They are curious. They know that the only way to succeed in real life is to study for the sake of learning and real education, not marks. Everyone studies for marks. The difference lays where some students study for their sake of knowledge and understanding and how they can apply same knowledge in real life.

5. They take part in co-curricular activities.

Successful students know that they can get ahead only if they are not physically and mentally fit, it will be difficult to win. Extracurricular mental activities stimulate brain parts and help in being more creative while physical activities increase your stamina and encourage team work. All these qualities are essential to win in any area of life. Lack of any of these qualities will cost in some or the other way.

6. They go out and socialize.

Successful students know that they need friends to have fun, to encourage each other, to help each other in difficult times. They also know that by socializing, they get to know the real world, meet real people who can be helpful and even know things which may surprise them for the better. They make it a habit of going outdoors and learn while having fun.

Being successful in student life doesn’t mean you excel in exams. Exams is just a part of being successful and if you want to be truly successful, practice above six habits and you’ll start noticing the difference in your life.


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