6 habits of really successful students which may surprise you

imagesStudent life is the most important part of human lives as we pick up most of our behaviors and attitudes from this stage, what we do in future as well as the decisions that we make depend on the beliefs we have adopted from this stage. Somehow, somewhere our student life plays an important role behind the person we are, how we behave, and whether we will succeed in life. A successful student is a one who not only achieves excellence in school life but also beyond that, in real life. Successful students are not only bookworms but they also have some qualities which makes them stand apart from the crowd.

1. They know why they are studying.

Successful students don’t just study for marks. They know the reason why they are studying. They have a vision of future, a strong desire and enough willpower to do what they need to get done in order to get a life they want. They know that getting good grades is just a small part of being successful. If you only focus on marks, you’ll lose when you fail because of some unexpected situation beyond your control.

2. They are not afraid to ask questions.

Successful students do what majority of students are afraid to do. They ask questions. They ask bold questions. They ask till their doubt is resolved. They do not fear being judged. They do not dear being laughed at because they know that in order to succeed in life; they have to be clear on whatever task they take in their hands. And in order to be clear, you have to shamelessly ask questions and understand things. Continue reading

10 steps to immediately change your life.


You might have read this lot of times but this time, it’s going to be different. Yes I know we want to change our life and in today’s world of instant gratification, we want to change it immediately. We have heard many times that good things take time. That’s true. But good things take time only after we start. And the first step to starting is immediately changing few aspects of your life in order to have a lasting change over time. And this begins by..

1. Change your mindset.

I was once with a group of friends who were complaining about the place they were working. They complained about low salary, bad food quality and lack of employee satisfaction. And I too joined them. After around 10 minutes of complaining, I was tired. I didn’t feel good. So I changed my mindset. I tried to feel good about my job. 3 companies rejected me but this one hired me. I was bringing food from my home so there was nothing to complain about. And what happened as a result? I immediately changed my mood. I was feeling happy. I felt blessed. This is what happens when you change your mindset from negative to positive.

2. Change your friends.

I once had three roommates whose values didn’t align with mine. I needed to read and learn at the end of day and whenever I am free but they need to gossip. My fuel was education while theirs was entertainment. They felt bored when they were alone. I was happy even when alone. So I changed my friends. I became friend with books. The imaginary and real people in the books became my friends. They guided me. They made me laugh. They made me cry. And what happened as a result? Slowly, I found people with similar interest and started to hang out with them.

3. Change your surroundings.

I think there will be hardly any home in this world without TV. People need TV to pass time as they have nothing important to do. When I used to watch TV, I used to spend hours surfing the channels without actually watching anything worthwhile. Not a single show watched and not a single important stuff done. So I changed my surroundings. I moved my TV into another room and only kept those things in my room which brought me closer to my goals. I kept my goals in front of my desk. I kept my running shoes near my bed. And what happened a as result? I started doing important stuff more. I wasted less time. I became more fit.

4. Change your words.

There had come a point in my life where I was not progressing as I used to before. The growth had become static. I used to blame my clients, blame the government, blame everyone and thought why I am not making progress. Then I changed my words. Instead of saying, “He doesn’t listen to me”, I said, “I need to make improvements in my approach so that he actually listens.” Instead of saying, “No one actually cares and does anything”, I said, “It is I who have to take the responsibility for whatever is happening. No one can do but us.” And what happed as a result? I started taking responsibility and things began to improve. My approach towards my clients changed and sales improved. My approach towards life changes and as a result, life changed dramatically.

5. Change your working style.

My teammates were lazy. Everyone wanted to take an easy path. They ran away from responsibility. When I asked them a favour, they would make excuse and ran away. So I changed my working style. I called each of them personally and told them how much I appreciate them and their contribution and they will continue to be an important part of this team. And what happened as a result? They loved it. They felt good. And when teammates feel good, they work hard. They help each other. And things change for the better.

6. Change your attitude towards failure.

When I published my first book, I was rejected. It didn’t sell well. Same happened with second book. So I thought maybe I should give up on writing and try something else. I focused on money rather than passion. And guess what happened. Everything I tried to do, I failed. Then writing kept me happy. So I changed my attitude. I kept writing my even though no one read. And what happened as a result? Slowly people started reading and appreciating my words. I wrote for various websites. And I got a book contract after few years. Failure is success if you are willing to learn from it.

7. Change your mind. Be unpredictable.

People knew me. They knew how I would write. They knew how I would act because I was unpredictable. As a result, I lost my value. So I changed my mind. I changed how I did things. I changed how I wrote. And what happened as a result? I started learning many things. I learned how I was holding myself back. People value you when you are unpredictable. When they know what’s going to happen, they lose interest.

8. Change your fear.

People fear failure. People fear being lost. People fear what others will think. And this causes            paralysis of analysis. They stop taking action. So they never move ahead. So what you can do to move ahead inspite of fear? Change your fear. Change your fear of being lost to fear of regret of not achieving all you want, change your fear from what people will say to how you’ll feel if you don’t try. And what will happen as a result? You will fear not trying. You will increase your rate of failure. And my friend, success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences.

9. Change your clothes.

Your clothes affect your mood. It affects how you feel. How many times have you not paid attention to your clothes just because you were lazy? Probably a lot of times. But if you look at a person properly dressed as per the occasion, you immediately admire him. Then why do we forget when it comes to ourselves? Next time try to wear proper clothes. They are your identity. Successful people know the importance of proper clothing. Many of the deals are not closed properly just because the person in charge of closing the deal didn’t feel that the person in front of him will be able to take the responsibility just because of the way he was dressed. Do you want someone to judge you poorly just because of the way you are dressed?

10. Change your style of learning.

We learn in many ways. But as we grow up, learning seems to stop gradually because we feel that actual learning meant reading from books in schools and colleges only. But in real life, you have to change your learning style. Of course you have to learn from books but you have to learn that practically by taking action. Apart from that you have to observe other successful people whom you admire and gain useful insights from them. That is the real world education and when you learn this way, it will give you more than you got from your initial years of schooling.