YES! I am afraid.

Do you know why are you afraid? You are afraid because you want something. Or else why would you be afraid? If we know that we are not at all interested in losing something, why would we be afraid?

We are all afraid of one thing or the other. Children are afraid of their teachers, employees are afraid of their bosses, business owners might be afraid of their customers, salesmen will be afraid of rejection. There can be endless examples of people afraid of various reasons. But the worst kind of fear comes when we think that our time on this Earth is limited and we are going to die soon. All the other fears are temporary. But this fear will remain within me till I die. And before I die, I wan to tackle with that fear. There are endless number of people afraid of living their authentic life because they are afraid of all the temporary fears and the main reason they are not able to overcome their fear is because it doesn’t exist. It’s just imaginary.

Once you realize that you need to look beyond your fears and deal with the real fear, you’ll tackle it and start living your authentic life.

We have been trained to postpone our happiness by people who don’t know the meaning of happiness. And we believe them by making an excuse that sacrifice has to be made in order to gain something. Yes, its true but even in that sacrifice, there is a joy. You cannot forcefully do something and call it a sacrifice. It’s a foolishness. Real sacrifice involves a understanding deep within you that you need to work in order to become something worth more than a sacrifice. And in that work, you find your purpose of life. That is a life, my friend, worth living.

Yes I am afraid how will I become what I wan to be? How much time will it take? But in those moment of darkness, I am willing to work hard, take chances, ready to fail, move ahead with courage, ready to accept the criticism, take risk and move forward. I am afraid that I shall lose. But I am not afraid to give it a try till I achieve my goal.