What is DEFEAT?


Inspiration from within is what we all need. When things go wrong as they always will, we need some push to move ahead no matter how worse things are. And that is what Hrithik Roshan has done with his latest ad DEFEAT THE DEFEAT for HRX. The words said in this are the perfect for any situation when someone has failed or suffered a major setback in life. The words will fuel you up to keep going in spite of hardships. I have the words from the video which you can visit here. For those who love reading, scroll down.

What is defeat? What is meant to be defeated? Is it losing and failing?

Defeat is that doubt in your head. The voice which tells you can’t do something. Listening to that voice, that is defeat.

Defeat isn’t any real thing. It’s an illusion. It’s that monster in my head that keeps me where I am, who wants to keep me in my comfort zone. But victory never happens in that comfort zone.

I know I have to get up. The pain in your body, that’s the demon, orders you to give up, enough it says, no more.

And all I have is my spirit and that’s my fuel. To push myself beyond that limit of pain. And I have to step out of my comfort zone.

Uncomfortable is my new friend.

I’ll find my heart and fight with my mind.

I’ll not be afraid because I will not give up.

Before I can climb Everest, I have to conquer the mountain inside my head.

Before I can do something, I have to forget what failure means.

Before I can give victory a shot, I have to defeat, DEFEAT.