The one quality that differentiates the BEST from the rest


If I tell you there is one habit which is really helpful than all the other habits of the world combined, what would you say? Would you like to learn more about it? And most importantly, would you dare enough to use it daily? You would be surprised to hear that we are using it daily. But we are using it subconsciously and are not even aware of it because we are using it only for the things we are interested in and beneficial for us in short term but not for things which are less interesting and beneficial for us in the long term. So here’s that quality which you use but are not even aware of.

Observation power.

People do not learn anything themselves. Even if they learn without a teacher, they learn from books or videos or podcasts which in turn are serving him as teachers. The person who created the material is the real teacher. Teachers can be physically present or virtually.

And the most common way by which people learn is by observing other people who have already reached there. Kids always learn by this way. Just think of a small kid and you’ll understand how he responds to his surroundings. He repeats your words, he repeats your actions, he remembers the way you treat him. But when we become adults, we lose this ability to observe a person which is the most underestimated way of learning.

Just observe what majority of people do. They just complain, dream and make excuses but they do not observe the person beside them who is successful. They become blind to his achievement and they keep on making excuses as to why they are not successful. But if you look carefully, the person who will become successful in future is always looking at the person who has already been there. He looks his actions, observes his behaviour, learns how he talks, and notices how he takes major decisions. Because he knows that if he wants to become successful, he has to adopt the behaviour and attitude of a successful person today.

So guys, today don’t just look around but see. See what the successful people are doing. Observe them and you’ll learn more in just one day rather than your last 365 days combined.


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