What are you talking about?


You see, we are always talking something either verbally or mentally. There is always a voice inside each of us which interrupts us whenever we are thinking about any important matter in life. But what we talk usually decides whether we will get ahead in life or stay at same place.

We normally hear words like, “I don’t have that skills”, “You also need luck”, and “Not everyone can do that” but how often do we hear words like, “I want to do something in life”, “I am not afraid of failure or rejection.” Or “I believe that everything happens for a reason and I’ll find a way to overcome this failure.”

If that voice is positive, encouraging, supportive, then no matter how hard the situation is, we will get the required support to handle that particular situation. On the other side if the voice is fearful, full of doubt and lack of self belief, nothing can help us get ahead.

So folks, listen to your words. Your mental chatter. Even what you think matters a lot as you won’t do anything different than what your mind says. So say positive words, supportive words and feel beautiful feelings.

What are you talking about?


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