The one quality that differentiates the BEST from the rest


If I tell you there is one habit which is really helpful than all the other habits of the world combined, what would you say? Would you like to learn more about it? And most importantly, would you dare enough to use it daily? You would be surprised to hear that we are using it daily. But we are using it subconsciously and are not even aware of it because we are using it only for the things we are interested in and beneficial for us in short term but not for things which are less interesting and beneficial for us in the long term. So here’s that quality which you use but are not even aware of.

Observation power.

People do not learn anything themselves. Even if they learn without a teacher, they learn from books or videos or podcasts which in turn are serving him as teachers. The person who created the material is the real teacher. Teachers can be physically present or virtually.

And the most common way by which people learn is by observing other people who have already reached there. Kids always learn by this way. Just think of a small kid and you’ll understand how he responds to his surroundings. He repeats your words, he repeats your actions, he remembers the way you treat him. But when we become adults, we lose this ability to observe a person which is the most underestimated way of learning.

Just observe what majority of people do. They just complain, dream and make excuses but they do not observe the person beside them who is successful. They become blind to his achievement and they keep on making excuses as to why they are not successful. But if you look carefully, the person who will become successful in future is always looking at the person who has already been there. He looks his actions, observes his behaviour, learns how he talks, and notices how he takes major decisions. Because he knows that if he wants to become successful, he has to adopt the behaviour and attitude of a successful person today.

So guys, today don’t just look around but see. See what the successful people are doing. Observe them and you’ll learn more in just one day rather than your last 365 days combined.

What are you talking about?


You see, we are always talking something either verbally or mentally. There is always a voice inside each of us which interrupts us whenever we are thinking about any important matter in life. But what we talk usually decides whether we will get ahead in life or stay at same place.

We normally hear words like, “I don’t have that skills”, “You also need luck”, and “Not everyone can do that” but how often do we hear words like, “I want to do something in life”, “I am not afraid of failure or rejection.” Or “I believe that everything happens for a reason and I’ll find a way to overcome this failure.”

If that voice is positive, encouraging, supportive, then no matter how hard the situation is, we will get the required support to handle that particular situation. On the other side if the voice is fearful, full of doubt and lack of self belief, nothing can help us get ahead.

So folks, listen to your words. Your mental chatter. Even what you think matters a lot as you won’t do anything different than what your mind says. So say positive words, supportive words and feel beautiful feelings.

What are you talking about?

10 reasons to leave office on time.


With current new technology and continuous work pressure upon the employees for more output, office time has been increased from normal eight hours to 10 or 12 hours every day. People even work on holidays. However, apart from the pressure from the employer, people also want to work more if they get enough over time salary to support their extra expenses. But apart from this hustling, there is a moment when we have to reflect on our lives. Are we running fast nowhere? For whom are we doing this? Such questions when asked upon, can lead to tremendous self awareness about our lives. Below are the 10 reasons why you have to leave your office on time.

  1. Your family needs time.

You have your husband/wife waiting for you so that he/she can discuss the day with you. You have your children waiting for you so that they can play with you. You have your parents waiting for you so that you can spend some time daily with them. Yes, work is important but if you look mindfully, giving attention to your family it deserves always comes first. You will not remember one more day that you worked hard, but you’ll remember the day when you left early for your child’s school function, for your wife’s birthday or to see your grandma/grandfather living far.

  1. You need your own time.

If you are still single, then you need your own time. You are the wealthiest person with time as your primary wealth. Use it properly. When you are home, use it to learn a new skill or do some activity, discuss a business idea with your friend or attend an event while others are working overtime. The skills you develop there are far more valuable than you’ll develop by working extra two hours which you’ll be learning sooner or later anyway.

  1. You need some energy to be saved for other activities.

Apart from job, you need to maintain your energy for activities such as visiting your friends, doing household chores, for some unforeseen emergency, teaching your kids and many more. But if you are working 12 hours a day, you’ll be returning home with your energy drained at the workplace only. There will be no energy to take decisions or even to talk with your spouse. To leave early means to save energy for other tasks which are also necessary to keep your life in balance.

  1. Job is a never ending process.

If you think that your current project is only important and after that you’ll be free, think again. You’ll be receiving orders throughout your life and your company will be running even after you are dead. And if this is true, do you think you have to worry always about your work when you are alive? Even the companies who run 24*7 have employees coming in shifts. So you better leave on time and let them do the work. This is a never ending process and you’ll never be able to complete is.

  1. There is something more to life than job.

Everyone has a dream which they wish they’ll fulfill one day. And if this is not related to your job, then working longer hours isn’t going to help you in that. You have to hate your comfort zone as victory never happens in that zone.

  1. Your productivity decreases after some time.

There is a reason job has a universal period of eight hours per day as humans are maximum efficient for that time and after that, the efficiency decreases over time. Even the people who work for 12 hours, are slow in their work after some time and aren’t efficient as they were when they started their day. So it’s better to leave and save your energy as well as your companies resources.

  1. If you leave hungry, you’ll be better the next day.

If you try to do all the things today, you’ll hate it to work next day. It’s better to leave the task half and leave where you reached. So that when tomorrow arises, you’ll be hungry to complete it and will complete it with better efficiency.

  1. Less is more.

Sometimes, less is more. More work, more attendance, more discipline and more output. Sometimes excess of anything causes negative effects. You might end up hating your job if you go too fast. Better to slow down and enjoy the journey.

  1. Job is a team work.

There may be people in your team who know what you are doing. Delegate, take help and let them contribute. You’ll all learn and grow as a result and will take pride in your work. And the best part of this? You can leave on time if others are there to help you.

  1. If you commit to leave on time, you’ll work faster.

If you know you have to work for 12 hours, you’ll work slowly knowing there’s enough time. But if the work is more and you need to leave for an emergency, notice how fast you complete your task. Shrink your mental deadlines. Give yourself half time in order to complete the task and you’ll finish it sooner so that you can leave on time.