10 things I learned while working on my passion.


Life has been awesome since I came to know that anyone can find your passion and do what you love. Nothing has been so exciting since then. I followed my curiosity, started learning and after almost more than 3 years, I felt like I haven’t worked a bit, enjoyed a lot and learned a lot more than I could ever imagine in my dream. The road is often filled with doubts, fears and frustration. But the rewards are truly phenomenal. Here are the 10 things I learned from working on my passion.

1. It takes time.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. A lot more than you can imagine. So learn to have patience.

2. It’s one of the best feeling in the world.

Yes! Among the top feelings of the world, some are – enjoying with your family, having sex, buying your first car and working on your passion is one of them.

3. Money is a by-product.

Money is the by-product of working on your passion. It’s very difficult to earn lots of money if you are not passionate about what you do.

4. Uncomfortable is my new friend.

I cannot move up in life if I am comfortable. I have to be uncomfortable every single day to get ahead in life.

5. You’ll grow like hell.

Yes, you’ll grow much more than an average person as – You’ll be learning more by reading and taking action. And then you’ll be learning by your failures.

6. Your spouse plays a very important role in your success.

Your spouse should support you or else it becomes difficult to move ahead. Why? If  he/she is supportive, your lack of time spend with them because of your dream should be acceptable by them. After all, you are doing all this for your family. Right?

7. You’ll attract like minded people.

You’ll slowly begin to grab the attention of like minded people as they’ll resonate to what you are doing. They’ll ask you for help, they’ll appreciate you. They’ll take one or another action to come in touch with you.

8. It’s difficult to grow without a clear path.

Without a clear path, you’ll stumble from one place to another without any guidance. Imagine taking up a taxi without any clear destination. Same with your life.

9. Mistakes will be your new teacher.

Mistakes are bound to happen and you cannot avoid them at any cost. In fact, they are indispensable. And you’ll learn more from your mistakes than your human teachers till date.

10. You’ll need selfish and UN-selfish goals.

You need 2 types of goals. Selfish goals for your personal interest. And unselfish goals for the betterment of this world, to help someone. Without either of these two goals, you’ll lack focus and motivation to get ahead.

Have you found your passion? What have you learned from working on your passion?



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