Want to maintain your level of motivation? Stop talking to people.



I want to ask you three serious questions.

Are you motivated right now?

Are you excited to do anything worthwhile for your future?

Are you ready to take that first step towards your dream in the next moment?

if your answer is yes, then I want you to be aware of one dangerous dream killer. And that is – talking to other people.

Nothing wrong with talking to people about your dreams if they support you and encourage you in a positive way but the real problem begins when you talk to those people who don’t even know what their life is all about, who haven’t even taken a single step to do something in their lives, who are only good at giving advice but not good at giving solution.

Avoid such people at all cost. Such people will stop you from learning, from taking action and you’ll begin to doubt your own actions.

If you can’t find any good people to share your story with, go somewhere distance and talk loudly to yourself. It’ll help you.

Are you ready to take action now? Remember, only talk to people who lift you up and avoid the rest.

10 Basic Requirements For Any Interview

job-interview-437026_1280-1024x682For many, sitting in an interview is like a nightmare. They want to get the best job available, yet they get scared. However, an interview is nothing more than a mind game. It just requires a few right steps to make it. However, there are a few basic things that when done right, can lead to amazing opportunities. Here are 10 basic requirements you need for any interview to get you ahead of the game.

1. Multiple copies of resume, credentials and photos.

You’ll need more than three, and up to five copies of your resume when going for an interview. Why? You might meet someone other than your future employer to hand over your resume and grab an opportunity. Also, carry your photos and credentials along with you to avoid any delay in the hiring process. You should not leave any chance of postponing any part of interview because of absence of your credentials.

2. Dress well.

Dressing well is a must but most people get it wrong. Wear a blazer if need be but don’t if not required. Same goes with wearing a tie. For some job interviews, wearing these things is called over dressing. But for some, it’s a must. So dress accordingly. Also, a simple crisp ironed shirt with formal wear and shoes is a nice combination for majority of posts in corporate world.

3. Punctuality.

Your employer can delay an interview but you should never arrive too early or too late for an interview. I have seen people arriving two hours late for an interview only to see their interview being cancelled. Always arrive on time even if you have to get up extra early in the morning.

4. Research the company and position.

Thoroughly research the company position and the company before you apply for an interview. Apply only if you are the best candidate for the job. Otherwise you’ll be wasting the company and your time too.

5. How can you benefit them?

Always go for an interview with clear picture of how you can help the company. They are providing you the salary raise for one and only one reason – “What can you provide them which no one else can?” And if you can answer this question clearly, you have a clear edge over others.

6. Recall your past achievements.

Recall when you performed extraordinarily at your previous job and tell them when asked. If you are applying for your first job, recall if you performed any leadership role or managed an activity very well. Apart from technical skills, employers are looking for such managerial skills too.

7. Any references?

You must have noticed a column for references in every employers application form. See if you know anyone in the company you are interviewing for. Sometimes, one influential contact can also land you a job. Moreover, companies prefer to hire someone who is known by their current employees.

8. Presence of mind.

You need to have a strong presence of mind while answering the questions. Many times, unexpected questions arise and you can be puzzled too. At that time, having a strong presence of mind will help you steal the answers from your previous experiences.

9. Knowledge of what you have written in your resume.

Most of the questions asked are from what you have written in the resume. From the answers you give, more questions arise. Hence be careful for what you write in your resume and write only what you know are your biggest skills and strengths.

10. Negotiation skills.

Once you are selected, there comes a most crucial part of job, salary discussion. Companies want to hire the best candidate for a lesser package, and it’s your job to make them understand the benefit of hiring you at a salary you want and not what they want. So learn the basic rules of negotiation, clearly show them the beneficial picture without being too firm and it’ll surely make a great impression on them.

This post originally appeared in lifehack.

10 things I learned while working on my passion.


Life has been awesome since I came to know that anyone can find your passion and do what you love. Nothing has been so exciting since then. I followed my curiosity, started learning and after almost more than 3 years, I felt like I haven’t worked a bit, enjoyed a lot and learned a lot more than I could ever imagine in my dream. The road is often filled with doubts, fears and frustration. But the rewards are truly phenomenal. Here are the 10 things I learned from working on my passion.

1. It takes time.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. A lot more than you can imagine. So learn to have patience.

2. It’s one of the best feeling in the world.

Yes! Among the top feelings of the world, some are – enjoying with your family, having sex, buying your first car and working on your passion is one of them.

3. Money is a by-product.

Money is the by-product of working on your passion. It’s very difficult to earn lots of money if you are not passionate about what you do.

4. Uncomfortable is my new friend.

I cannot move up in life if I am comfortable. I have to be uncomfortable every single day to get ahead in life.

5. You’ll grow like hell.

Yes, you’ll grow much more than an average person as – You’ll be learning more by reading and taking action. And then you’ll be learning by your failures.

6. Your spouse plays a very important role in your success.

Your spouse should support you or else it becomes difficult to move ahead. Why? If  he/she is supportive, your lack of time spend with them because of your dream should be acceptable by them. After all, you are doing all this for your family. Right?

7. You’ll attract like minded people.

You’ll slowly begin to grab the attention of like minded people as they’ll resonate to what you are doing. They’ll ask you for help, they’ll appreciate you. They’ll take one or another action to come in touch with you.

8. It’s difficult to grow without a clear path.

Without a clear path, you’ll stumble from one place to another without any guidance. Imagine taking up a taxi without any clear destination. Same with your life.

9. Mistakes will be your new teacher.

Mistakes are bound to happen and you cannot avoid them at any cost. In fact, they are indispensable. And you’ll learn more from your mistakes than your human teachers till date.

10. You’ll need selfish and UN-selfish goals.

You need 2 types of goals. Selfish goals for your personal interest. And unselfish goals for the betterment of this world, to help someone. Without either of these two goals, you’ll lack focus and motivation to get ahead.

Have you found your passion? What have you learned from working on your passion?