Why I don’t care what others think


Worrying about what others think is a constant game played by our mind on daily basis. No matter how hard we try, we’ll at least think once on what people are thinking about our looks, our behavior, our actions and even about our family. I want to tell you that I have come to a stage where I don’t care what others think. Few years before, I was a boy who was even worried about how my hairs looked in front of people. I used to constantly comb my hairs in front of people in order to look good. I preferred to keep silence in front of people in order to be on safe side. But not anymore. It took a lot of practice but it was worth it. I now feel in total control of myself. Here are reasons why I don’t care what others think:

  1. It gives me stress and it’s not good for my health.
  2. It steals my happiness and it’s not good for my present.
  3. It steals my focus and it’s not good for my purpose in life.
  4. It steals my courage and it’s not good for my future.
  5. It makes me average and it’s not good for my personality.
  6. It wastes my time.

So what can you do yourself to think like that? Apart from the above tips, ask yourself these questions whenever you think you are focusing on others more than yourself.

  1. What if I had only six months to live? Would I think of them then?
  2. DO I want to be like the one from whom I am so afraid?
  3. What if today was my last day on Earth?

And finally, I want you to think of this: Imagine you are dead. And two types of people are talking about you.

Type 1: “Mr.______was a good human being. He would have accomplished a lot in his life if he had not worried about what others said to him.”

Type 2: “Mr.______is a great guy. He accomplished a lot and helped millions of people. And he would have not been able to accomplish this if he constantly thought about what everyone else was thinking.”

This line above would suffice to give you enough courage. So what are you doing right now? Do you now care what everyone else thinks?


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