How to take right decisions – Every single time.

Quotes-PapyrusFont-ConnectedDecisionsNewsletter-012-Mark-Twain-v1-60dpiDecisions are the most difficult things to make and particularly when they are the major ones that can change our future like selecting a field for further study, choosing a right life partner, starting a particular business or it can be simple ones like selecting a school for your children, selecting which clothes to wear or choosing your friends. But here is where most of us take a step back. And it happens because of two main reasons.

One, they fear failure. They fear what might happen if they make wrong decisions. They fear they’ll lose their money, never get clients for their business or will regret allowing a person to be a part of their lives.

And two, they fear criticism. Criticism from people they have never met, criticism from people who have never helped others but are always ahead in making them feel small for their failures and criticism from people who are happy to see them fail.

And this is a major road block. So how can you overcome the fear of making right decisions? After reading these four strategies, you’ll be dying to make your decisions.

  1. There is a lesson behind every decision: All the decisions you make whether right or wrong has a lesson in it. If you make right decision, it makes you more confident next time. While if you make wrong decision, this also makes you more confident as it guides you what not to do next time. So next time when you fear of making wrong decisions, think that you’ll at least get to know what didn’t work. Though you may lose something behind that wrong decision but it can help you or even others when they’ll be the same path as you are now.
  2. Take decisions and then make it right: Whoever said, “I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make it right” was absolutely correct. The classic example of this is what majority of youth suffers today. They regret studying in a field in which they have no interest and are now stuck in a job they hate. There is no point in worrying. If you really want to change your field, develop your strength and skills, decide to start working in your area of interest in part time, get a mentor, learn from people doing what you want to do and slowly get ahead. You cannot change your past but you can always change your future.
  3. Stop making decisions based on your past/ others past: Usually we fear taking decisions because we had a bad experience with that in the past or others had a bad experience in the past. We usually think that what happened to others will happen to us too. Each and every individual has different experiences on this earth and we also have different experiences than our past experiences. You cannot judge an outcome before it happens. 99% of things we normally fear never happen and remaining 1% happens so quickly that we don’t even get time to worry.
  4. Decide what your instinct whispers: Doing what your instinct whispers in never a wrong move. You should make it a habit of listening to your inner voice whenever you want to make a major decision. It always helps.

But most importantly, if you remember all the above four strategies while taking any decision, you won’t regret it.


We are not born to pay bills and die!

we're not born just to pay bills and dieThe other I came across a quote on the internet while I was in search of some daily inspiration and I came across this one.

We are not born to pay bills and die.

And I thought, “Man! That feels damn so right”. I mean, just think of this guys. How many times did we thought of this before? And this is what most of the people on this planet do. They just get up, go for job, watch TV, sleep and then return to work next day.

They increase their salary and then buy more things, get more money and then buy more things. When did we last stop and reflected on what we are doing? Whether the path we are following is ours or written by someone else’s? Are we truly happy with what we have? Are we helping in making this world a better place while we are alive?

These are the questions, my friends, you need to ask yourself today. Because we are not born just to pay bills and die.