What happens whenyou start taking action.

take-actionInspirations, fire from within, passion, motivation are all okay. But what matters more is taking action because nothing happens unless you take action. No matter how much you visualize, it needs to be followed up by taking action. Because the real life problems appear only after we take action and it’s the fastest path to learn anything. But most people are afraid to take action because of fear of some unknown. I’ll tell you few things that might happen when you take action and if you feel such things, do not let it stop you because your next breakthrough is on the other side of that action.

When I saw an incredibly successful person delivering speech at an event, I decided to meet him. His contact details were open to all. His bio was available on facebook. And he was the person I was looking for. But the moment I got his phone number and the moment when I actually called him, went two weeks. These two weeks were full of doubts, overwhelming, laziness and procrastination. Finally, after two weeks, I decided to call him. And the moment I picked up my phone, my hands started trembling. I couldn’t call him. I again pushed myself in spite of that trembling and this time, I called him. He picked up the phone and talked in a very decent manner, appreciated my request and told me to contact after a week.

And I was all okay with that. The only thing that mattered was that I actually took action. I called him in spite of fear. And that is what matters my friend. Fear is not going to disappear; you have to make it disappear by taking action in spite of fear.

So if you are like me trying to contact or talk to someone, start some new business, try a new adventurous sport or making any bold decision in your life, remember that when you take action, following things will happen.

  • Your hands will tremble.
  • You’ll procrastinate for no reason.
  • You’ll aim for perfection even though it is okay.
  • Your heartbeat will increase.
  • You’ll doubt yourself for very silly reasons.

When the above things happen, DON’T STOP because these are the warning signs that you are on a right track. When you don’t let such obstacles stop you, you’ll emerge as an incredibly proud, victorious person.


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