Predict your future with this simple technique.


Is it possible to predict anyone’s future from your daily habits? Have you ever heard of this crazy thing? Many have tried showing their hands to palmists and astrologers, the effects of stars and planets in our life but habits? How is that possible? If you are not aware how to predict your future from your habits, get ready to predict your future as by the end of this article, you’ll start believing that your habits shape your future more than anything else.

How habits are formed?

In simple language, habits are formed when behavior or experiences are repeated enough to create a lasting memory which then becomes a subconscious behavior. We then become comfortable with that behavior and the more comfortable we are, the easier it becomes to repeat that behavior and we love to repeat the easy tasks which we call habits. Slowly we become attached to our pleasant experiences and we don’t even know we are repeating those endless times without even thinking whether it is good for our future or not.

How can you predict your future from your habits?

Let’s imagine a successful person. What has made him successful? The guidance from the astrologer, his luck, knowledge or something else? Whatever he has done in his life to be successful is because of his hard work and guidance from others. And he got this support and love from people who made him successful was because he was trusted by them. What made him so trustworthy? Obviously, his behaviour and attitude. How did he develop this attitude? By working on his personality day in and day out. He developed his personality and gained knowledge about his industry every day. And to do anything worthwhile everyday consistently is not easy for anyone. He had to work hard on his habits. He developed successful habits. Habit of reading, habit of meeting new people, habit of asking for help, habit of trying new things, habit of failing, habit of exercising to stay fit. Because all these are prerequisites to become successful and you cannot become successful by doing these things once in a week or once in a month. You have to develop these habits every day, consistently with focus.

Imagine waking up each day and doing all the things you need to be successful on a daily basis. It does not take much for you to become confident enough to become successful because confidence is all we need.

If you want to become a writer, watching movies all day will not help you in any way, if you want to become a champion in any sport, sleeping whole day and gossiping won’t help you in any way. Decide what you want to do and act accordingly.

So stop watching TV, playing mindless video games or useless chatting. Instead, pick up a hobby, play a sport, read a book, watch an inspiring video or help someone and make it a habit because your habits will only predict your future. No one else will.



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