The only fastest way to become what you want.


“What to do want to be?” I often ask this question to people and the answers I get are very interesting. There is no fear in people when deciding what they want but problem arises when it comes to taking action. They freeze. They just don’t know what to do, where to begin or whom to ask for advice. So they stop. And slowly, they become habituated to not taking action. And when people hear advice about how they can become what they want to be, it is overloaded with information everywhere. This leads to lots of confusion. The main problem here is people needs simple solutions to their problems. Hence, they need something they can easily start with with very little effort. And the good news is that today, I have a tip for you to become what you want and that too a bit faster.

Act like you are already one.

Yes. It’s that simple. But wait, it’s not the only way, it’s one of the way to speed up the process. Let’s imagine two different scenarios to get better understanding.
First, Imagine yourself thinking everyday to become the person you want, daydreaming about that famous personality enjoying their lives. What happens? You focus on what they have and what you don’t. And the more you think of them, the less you think of yourselves.

Now the second one. Imagine that you already have what you want. What happens? You forget about other famous people and think that you have what you want. Plus, you act like them. Now your behavior changes totally as you have taken some responsibility, your attitude changes, the way you dress up changes. Even when you meet people, the way you talk is now according to the successful person you have imagined yourself to be right now and hence, people start looking at you differently.
One of the ways I have done is that I printed my business cards as if I am already successful. Then I met some of the people in that industry and I presented myself. They really admired the card and the way, I designed the card, I had to behave now accordingly with great respect and responsibility which i did and then I turned back to see how confidently I approached them when I had that newly designed business card.

The only way I increased my chances of getting ahead is simply by taking this simple step. So here’s my question to you. What do you want to be? Whatever it may be. Act like one.


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