You are just one question away from life of your dreams.

New Bitmap ImageOften in life, we are desperate to get ahead in life watching other successful people. Then when we are motivated enough, we act on the inspiration and forget it after sometime. We then wonder why are we not getting our ‘aha’ moment. We wonder when will we get that idea ball rolling and make some progress. We wonder why are we stuck where we don’t like? But then after all these, are we asking ourselves right questions? Do we take a look on our life and see are our actions matching our intentions? It is at this stage that we should ask ourselves a question that will determine the rest of our future. Yes, one question is all it takes to make a difference in your life.

Are you curious enough?

You see, everything that we need to know for us to be successful involves learning. If we do not learn, we’ll be stuck at where we are now forever.  And curiosity plays a much bigger part in our learning process.
Entrepreneurs should gather most possible knowledge about their field from as many sources as possible. And if you are not curious enough to learn, you’ll not make enough effort to learn and will learn only when you want to. This is embarrassing. When you are curious, you read articles, newspapers, blogs, listen to podcast, watch videos and attend events related to your field of interest. And how do you find all of them? By being curious. How? Whenever you read an article, there is always a link below it suggesting you another similar article. You then read that article, then another, then another and it keeps going. You might also contact the author out of your curiosity and land up visiting their websites. After few days you come to know that the same author follows another big authors of your interest and you start following them too. And then you come to know that a major event is happening in your city related to your field. You attend that and might end up meeting someone useful. But it all happens when you are curious enough to learn. So here’s my question to you.

Are you curious enough to get ahead in life?


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