The main problem we need to solve.

New Bitmap ImageI have something very important to say. Are you currently in a career that you hate badly? Do you have a job that sucks? Do you go to work everyday waiting for those eight hours to end? Are you not getting enough time for your friends and family? Then may be you have a problem almost 80% of people have. And that is, choosing a career you hate just because you studied that particular subject for three or four years. Of course there can be other problems but this reason is the biggest of all. You see, we mainly choose career just because our best buddies went for it or our parents wanted us to take it. Very few people have a choice to select the career of their choice and even very few out of the few have an understanding as to why they are choosing a career.

Just because you spent 4 years studying a subject doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your 40 years SUFFERING the same.

Throughout the school, we are taught about how to remember names and formulas but we are never taught about the importance of choosing our own career. This about this: You select a career without any interest in it. You pass the exam any how and then struggle to get a job. Once the time passes beyond some months, you start getting frustrated and are ready to take whatever job that comes your way no matter low salary they pay. And the employers take advantages of this knowing there are hundreds available in line if you reject the offer. Then you anyhow pass few years in it learning new things but soon, the job becomes routine. It’s the same boring activity doing daily. You are fed up with the life and then you wonder that now nothing can be changed and you have to pass your whole life like this.

Feels terrible right? Trust me, people do behave and think this way. They think they are powerless once they have selected their career and spent few years working on it.

Now imagine someone telling you have a choice to start working on a new career on side and if you are passionate enough, you will soon be working on your passion in few years. But it will take commitment from your side. Will you commit? Of course you will. Why? Because someone has assured you that life will be easy once you believe. But this is where a problem lies. We easily believe someone else but do not believe our heart. Your intuition is always trying to tell you something. Just listen to that inner voice from inside. And the best way to do that is to do the work you love in a spare time you get after your job. Just do anything that you love even for 30 minutes daily and get lost in it. It’ll take you to the road ahead once you start doing things you love daily. BUT, you have to start.
So here’s my question to you, “Will you start doing that activity daily which you always dreamt of?”


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