How the habit of reading saved me 50000 rupees

Ever thought you could save lots of rupees by reading? Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you how. But before that I want to show how reading can help you save that much rupees or help you in similar way in other matters of life.

You see, learning has it’s benefit. Always. Whatever you are doing now or are expert at, it’s possible because you have learned something and applied it successfully. Similarly, learning by reading has similar benefits provided you are ready to invest your time reading. Majority of people cease to learn after they have left school or college. They learn only if they need to give exams. But they forget that the moment they stop learning, that is the exact time when life starts taking your real examination. And when people fail, they wonder why. This is the only reason why you should develop the habit of learning in your life by reading books, blogs or watching videos of your field of interest. Let’s see how this has saved me lots of rupees.

Few weeks before, me and my wife were searching for a new home in our city. For two weeks continuously, we saw many projects and finally selected the cheapest and best project available in our area. We managed a meeting with the owner of the project with my father and father-in-law. We wanted to negotiate the deal with him. After few requests, he settled for 38,000 rupees less. He argued that he already had the cheapest rate in the area and he never negotiates his price. Moreover, he said that he’ll surely get the clients so he was not desperate for us. Finally my father-in-law who was the main motivation force for us in negotiation told us to request one more time and then finalize the deal even if he doesn’t lessen the amount. We tried one more time but nothing happened. So we all settled.

The one who always wins is the side which cares least about losing the deal.

But I still had some hope. This is where my reading habit came to help us. I had read in a  blog that in negotiation, the one who always wins is the side which cares least about losing the deal. Actually I cared a lot but I had to show the owner that I was not afraid of losing that home if he was not willing to lower his price. I decided to apply that and waited for few more days. I was determined that the call would come even though the owner said that we never call anyone back. Even my father-in-law told us that we should now finalize the deal. I still waited. And after two days of waiting, the call arrived. They were ready to lower 50,000 more rupees and this time, we finalized the deal. Had I not read the blog before, I would never have waited and would have settled for 50,000 more. This was also a big lesson for me because even I wondered where would I apply all the lessons I am reading everyday.

But you know what’s the interesting part? The knowledge you gain from reading slowly build up like compounding interest. You never know you have learned by reading daily and suddenly one day, you realize that you have all the knowledge needed.
It’s truly said, “Miss a meal if you can but never miss a book.” So here’s my question to you, “Have you learned something today?”


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