Wanted! Unbelievably passionate people.

blank-wanted-poster-template-for-kidswanted-poster-template-for-pirates-6jud41kxHello friends. As you people know, I have been a huge fan of learning new things either by reading or by watching inspiring videos. And this habit of getting inspired has let me to take a step into my dream – building a school where students learn not by textbooks but by real life examples and living those lessons themselves.

It feels really sad when I see people complaining whole day about their careers or their lives. The main root cause of this is the ignorance they have about their potential future. And its very difficult to instill in their minds about the true possibility of their rewarding future. Hence, I am on a mission to start teaching students at a young age where they develop ideas ans get awareness of the bright future ahead of them. But nothing is possible alone. I need help. everyone needs it. And I think nothing can substitute the power of a community where all have a similar vision.

And please remember, the steps we take today is surely going to affect our future generation. Think for a moment. Do you want your children to grow up, study and then hate the job they work for? Or you want them to be independent and excel in their careers irrespective of the degrees they have?I don’t know how am I going to do it therefore I want to ask you one question – WILL YOU JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY?

Every big idea started with a small step. I am looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about changing the education that is provided to young minds and helping them shape their future themselves without blindly following the crowd.  Whatever or whenever you feel something is wrong, there is sure a gap in the education system and we need to bridge it right at the early age. Partners, ideas and suggestions all are welcome. Feel free to comment below or mail me dhaval1238atgmail.com



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