Are you asking yourself these questions?

skskWhat am I doing right now?

Am I living in the present while being detached from past and future?

Am I helping others with what they need without being selfish?

Am I doing the work right now for which my future self will thank me?

Have I set any goals for myself?

If I am not happy with my present situation, am I taking small steps daily towards what I want?

These are the questions which if acted on correctly, could change your whole life in a moment. It can develop a whole new attitude towards your life. But you need to take action. You won’t take action immediately. You’ll procrastinate. And that’s absolutely normal. It might take you weeks, months, or may be years to get yourself on right track.

But what you must not forget is the questions listed above. You should ask yourself these questions as if you are a head of a company and the employees are required to answer these questions in order to do their job better. You might not get the answer immediately. Don’t be discouraged. Just follow the practice daily and make it a habit. And once you make it a habit, the rest will follow.

Will you ask yourself these questions today?


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