A time will come when…

A time will come when…
1.    instead of trying to jump into others people’s drama, you’ll be more concerned about your life.

2.    you’ll realize that its better to work hard for your life and fail rather than succeeding in a work you don’t like at all.

3.    you’ll feel that you should have taken care of your health when you were young.

4.    you’ll realize that you are too old and busy to start working on your dream.

5.    you’ll only do only those things which you think are right, not what others think you should.

6.    you’ll regret the thing you didn’t do when you had the chance more than the things you did.

7.    you’ll feel that making mistakes were not that bad after all.

8.    life will make you realize that fear of failing was not that big which it seemed at that point in the past.

For all of you out there, before you feel any or all of the regrets listed above, here’s a short reminder to remove the fear from your life and start taking that 1st step towards your dream.




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