Why you don’t love your job and what to do about it.

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According to a famous survey, around 80% of people working for someone else don’t love their job. And it’s not about the big or small companies. Even people working in one of the top companies in their field are not happy about their job. There are many reasons and sure there is a way to get out of it but it won’t happen instantly. And at the end of this post, I promise you’ll feel that no matter where you are, you have the necessary circumstances and situations to make the most out of your bad job. So let’s begin. Why you don’t love your job? There are many reasons. Few of them are:

1. You don’t know why you are doing this job: Of course the primary reason for most of the people these days is money. But in spite of getting better money every year, you still feel like you are not enjoying the job and you need to do something exciting. You constantly wonder why you are stuck in the job for which you don’t give a damn about. Here’s the actual reason: You took your degree just because your friends were going there, your family wanted you to pursue it or you thought it’ll make you lots of money and you didn’t think about your interests even for a minute and jumped on a decision. May be you wanted to be a designer and you ended up doing engineering.

2. Your working space is full of dirty politics and pay check is too less: Most of the working places are filled with dirty politics and blaming because people don’t want to get into fault and want to get ahead of everyone as fast as possible and even don’t want to pay them much money because there are people standing in lines to get that job. Hence they don’t teach their juniors, blame someone else and even fight unnecessarily. You are tired of such things and may be you want to work somewhere where people take working as an opportunity to grow together by supporting each other and believe in getting paid a decent salary for their work.

3. You want to do something bigger: You are doing better with your job with awesome people and your pay check is too good. Everything is going well but deep inside, you are dissatisfied. You want to do something remarkable, you want to make an impact on the world, you want to help people, and you want to solve a universal problem.

If you are not satisfied from your job, then the above reasons are the most obvious and common. Although there can be more reasons. Now if you have read up to this, it’s obvious that you are not satisfied with your job. Let’s look now how you can change the situations and what to do if you don’t love your job. It is a five step process to make you feel more confident about your life.

1. Gratitude: This is the first step to get ahead in life. You have to be thankful for wherever you are, whatever you are doing with whatever you have. If you are not thankful for what you have, you will not get over complaining and complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. It holds you back. So be thankful that you got the chance to do the work you are doing, that your house is running from the money you are getting from that job or you met some nice people after doing that job.

2. Accept: If you had made some tough decisions or acted differently, you might have been at the place where you wanted to be. You have to accept that it is only because of your choices that you have landed here and you are meant to be exactly at this place. Once you accept that, you are ready to take the responsibility for your future.

3. Know your WHY? You have to find WHY you don’t love your job. If it is because of some people or a particular company, you can always change your jobs. Story over. But for those whose calling is something different, then you have to spend some time alone and devote a lot of time thinking and working on yourself to find what it is you want to do.

4. Learn: Once you find out what you want to do, see if it is what you already know how to do. If you don’t have enough knowledge on it but are extremely passionate about the idea, then you have to learn how to do that. Search people who are already doing what you want to do and meet them. Ask them. Work with them. Learn from them. You can find tons of people out there if anyone says no. Contact people whom you know from your job who could help you. Recall all the skills you learned from your job which could be helpful for your future.

5. Take action: Once you learn what to do, apply those lessons immediately. Don’t starve for perfection. You’ll never be 100% ready. Just start wherever you are with what you know and what you have. Once you start taking action, you’ll make mistakes, fail often but you have to keep going and learn from the lessons. DO. IT. NOW. Period.


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