Are you asking yourself these questions?

skskWhat am I doing right now?

Am I living in the present while being detached from past and future?

Am I helping others with what they need without being selfish?

Am I doing the work right now for which my future self will thank me?

Have I set any goals for myself?

If I am not happy with my present situation, am I taking small steps daily towards what I want?

These are the questions which if acted on correctly, could change your whole life in a moment. It can develop a whole new attitude towards your life. But you need to take action. You won’t take action immediately. You’ll procrastinate. And that’s absolutely normal. It might take you weeks, months, or may be years to get yourself on right track.

But what you must not forget is the questions listed above. You should ask yourself these questions as if you are a head of a company and the employees are required to answer these questions in order to do their job better. You might not get the answer immediately. Don’t be discouraged. Just follow the practice daily and make it a habit. And once you make it a habit, the rest will follow.

Will you ask yourself these questions today?

Start thinking for yourself before these things happen.

As_A_Man_ThinkethJames_AllenFull_Audio_Book__163187Let’s admit it. Thinking is one of the toughest tasks in the world. That why most of the people on this earth are living their life on auto pilot. And that’s the main reason for their job dissatisfaction, unhappy relationships and stressful living. But we all know that all thoughts are created twice – first in our mind and then in reality. Then why do we fail to manage our thoughts? I admit it’s difficult but why it usually happens that we are not able to think for ourselves even for few minutes? It’s because it’s uncomfortable. Thinking is tough. It requires energy. It requires change. So how can you start thinking for yourself in spite of so many difficulties? Well, there is a solution but before that, let’s see the consequences of not thinking for yourself.

You will not have a clear WHY/ VISION.

Without any vision or knowledge of why you are doing what you are doing, it is very difficult to get ahead in life. Have you ever crossed a highway without knowing where you want to go? No one has. Then why do we go through our life without any knowledge of where we want to go? And this is a big problem.

You’ll do mindless tasks without any goals for future.

You’ll do any activity that comes to you. You’ll never say NO to those things which will help you get ahead in life because you don’t know what you want which you’ll only know by allocating some time for yourself. And this will be the wastage of your precious time on earth.

You are ready to do any work for money.

Of course money is important but if you take up any job for money, after some time, you’ll end up hating that job because money is never going to make you happy if you are not happy with what you are doing and that my friend, you can try for yourself. It won’t work.

This leads to lots of stress and frustration:

When your work is not fulfilling your ultimate passion for life, when money is not making you happy, when you are not getting enough time for yourself, then stress and frustration will surely take a toll and force you to make life changing decisions.

You’ll REGRET. Sooner or later.

If it has become your daily habit of living life on others terms, then sooner or later, you are going to regret it. And this will be the result of not thinking for your life right from the beginning. And that, my friend is the biggest regret of all.

So what to do in such case? Continue reading

A time will come when…

A time will come when…
1.    instead of trying to jump into others people’s drama, you’ll be more concerned about your life.

2.    you’ll realize that its better to work hard for your life and fail rather than succeeding in a work you don’t like at all.

3.    you’ll feel that you should have taken care of your health when you were young.

4.    you’ll realize that you are too old and busy to start working on your dream.

5.    you’ll only do only those things which you think are right, not what others think you should.

6.    you’ll regret the thing you didn’t do when you had the chance more than the things you did.

7.    you’ll feel that making mistakes were not that bad after all.

8.    life will make you realize that fear of failing was not that big which it seemed at that point in the past.

For all of you out there, before you feel any or all of the regrets listed above, here’s a short reminder to remove the fear from your life and start taking that 1st step towards your dream.



Answer a question and win a free copy of my book at your doorstep

It’s been a month since my book MAKE IT HAPPEN with 30 greatest life lessons has been released and I am so over whelmed by the response that my readers are giving me. But I want to take it to the next level and give some books to few people and it will only be available for FREE to those people who will be willing enough to think for themselves. And here’s the question for you.

“What’s the one thing you are struggling with in your life right now?”

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Why you don’t love your job and what to do about it.

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According to a famous survey, around 80% of people working for someone else don’t love their job. And it’s not about the big or small companies. Even people working in one of the top companies in their field are not happy about their job. There are many reasons and sure there is a way to get out of it but it won’t happen instantly. And at the end of this post, I promise you’ll feel that no matter where you are, you have the necessary circumstances and situations to make the most out of your bad job. So let’s begin. Why you don’t love your job? There are many reasons. Few of them are:

1. You don’t know why you are doing this job: Of course the primary reason for most of the people these days is money. But in spite of getting better money every year, you still feel like you are not enjoying the job and you need to do something exciting. You constantly wonder why you are stuck in the job for which you don’t give a damn about. Here’s the actual reason: You took your degree just because your friends were going there, your family wanted you to pursue it or you thought it’ll make you lots of money and you didn’t think about your interests even for a minute and jumped on a decision. May be you wanted to be a designer and you ended up doing engineering.

2. Your working space is full of dirty politics and pay check is too less: Most of the working places are filled with dirty politics and blaming because people don’t want to get into fault and want to get ahead of everyone as fast as possible and even don’t want to pay them much money because there are people standing in lines to get that job. Hence they don’t teach their juniors, blame someone else and even fight unnecessarily. You are tired of such things and may be you want to work somewhere where people take working as an opportunity to grow together by supporting each other and believe in getting paid a decent salary for their work.

3. You want to do something bigger: You are doing better with your job with awesome people and your pay check is too good. Everything is going well but deep inside, you are dissatisfied. You want to do something remarkable, you want to make an impact on the world, you want to help people, and you want to solve a universal problem.

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