What is stopping you?

Life is uncertain. Often we have planned our finances and trips and other small plans but life gets in the way. And what’s the best advice we hear about this life? It is that life happens. People listen to this advice and then forget the rest and get on the flow with their current circumstances whether they keep them happy or not. But what if we took one extra step forward and ask ourselves this, “Life happens but I cannot let this happen to me. I am not a tree and I am free to do whatever I want. How can I turn this adverse situation around?” That’s it. Just one simple question and your mind will begin to wonder what you can do to turn your life around. Often it requires discipline because we are not taught in school how to think and how to keep on thinking after starting. The latter part is what will give us the answer and it is the most difficult task of all. But if you truly want to turn your life around in a positive way and not be affected by situations, then you gotta stand up and think for the solution and then take action. And it’s the same principle on which my 2nd bookphpThumb_generated_thumbnailpng is based. It is specifically written to enhance your thinking power and make to take action so that you MAKE IT HAPPEN whatever it is you want to do and live a life full of proud moments rather than full of regrets.


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