Learn these life lessons to avoid regret at later stage

Which is the biggest fear of all? it’s not fear of heights, it’s not fear of public speaking, it’s not even fear of insects. It’s fear of REGRET. Regret about things we don’t speak, regret about things we don’t do, regret about things we quit half way, regret about things we lose. And most of the regrets we feel are at a later stage. These are the BIG regrets which we can hardly revert or avoid and we have no choice except accepting those regrets and going along with life. And we learn it the hard way – very hard way. But what if I tell you that there is a way you can avoid regrets at a later stage by simply reading this post. Read these 5 life lessons which you will learn in a hard way but if you learn from it and start working on it now, you might end up without regret and be proud that you did something good with your life.

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Presenting, a YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE manifesto

There was something that was with me since few months since I did my first live seminar in public. It was the manifesto that I provided to everyone who visited that seminar. It’s called a YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE manifesto named from the event from same name. In it are all the major points that I spoke of and that you need to live an extraordinary life and which will push you to do something that matters rather than just passing days by and letting life control you. Download this manifesto and keep it in front of you everyday so that it reminds you constantly about what is more important in life. The main thing is to keep the top priority, your top priority which we often forget in our so called busy life. Go ahead, read the manifesto, make your first move and pass it to someone in need. It might change their day or sometimes, life.

What is stopping you?

Life is uncertain. Often we have planned our finances and trips and other small plans but life gets in the way. And what’s the best advice we hear about this life? It is that life happens. People listen to this advice and then forget the rest and get on the flow with their current circumstances whether they keep them happy or not. But what if we took one extra step forward and ask ourselves this, “Life happens but I cannot let this happen to me. I am not a tree and I am free to do whatever I want. How can I turn this adverse situation around?” That’s it. Just one simple question and your mind will begin to wonder what you can do to turn your life around. Often it requires discipline because we are not taught in school how to think and how to keep on thinking after starting. The latter part is what will give us the answer and it is the most difficult task of all. But if you truly want to turn your life around in a positive way and not be affected by situations, then you gotta stand up and think for the solution and then take action. And it’s the same principle on which my 2nd bookphpThumb_generated_thumbnailpng is based. It is specifically written to enhance your thinking power and make to take action so that you MAKE IT HAPPEN whatever it is you want to do and live a life full of proud moments rather than full of regrets.

Get back on track

Life is not easy. The ups and downs are the must-haves for a meaningful life. It looks good when everything is going well but the real test begins the moment you are lost in the jungle of life and wonder like a small kid to get on the right path. If anyone helps you, it’s good but most of the times, you are forced to get the solution. And it is during such times, we should always have an option to get us back on track. If you are serious about getting back on track when you are lost, read these 9 inspiring books to ignite the fire in you.