These 3 things will happen if you have found your purpose for life.

For the majority, finding the purpose of life seems to be a daunting task. For some, it’s
Very hard and they give up on their way, but there are very few who go ahead in spite of all odds with perseverance and excel. But they are still not sure whether the work they are doing is moving closer to their purpose for life or they know their purpose for life. At whichever stage you are, how do you know that this is the only purpose of your life? How would you identify it among the ten other things your are pursuing along the way?

There are few things which will tell you that this is the only purpose of your life. If you have these feelings, chances are you are very closer to finding your purpose or you have done with it.

1. You repent not doing it after 5 years.

When you are not sure whether you want to do a particular thing or not, imagine your life five years from now. Would you repent not doing that one thing which you always wanted to do? It the answer is no, then you might want to reconsider why you are interested in doing that. But if the answer is yes, then I am sure you don’t want to regret. Right? Then what are you waiting for? Just push yourself, get uncomfortable and before life gets a chance to make you regret, go get and grab that chance so that you live a life to no regrets. This one thing alone will determine how much you are determined to do a particular thing. When the answer of this question is “yes, I’ll repent”, you’ll feel like crying and helpless and that is the sign my friend you might have found your purpose.

2. It brings tears into your eyes.

Imagine yourself succeeding at what you are doing. Imagine yourself clearly, deeply and thoughtfully. Imagine every vivid detail. Imagine yourself fully immersed in the life of your dreams. Imagine helping all those people who needed your help and have achieved great success from your help. How do you feel? Does it bring tears into your life? It may not. But you need to avoid all distractions, sit quietly and think. If it does, then 110% it’s your purpose for life. No looking back. No second thought. Go do it.

3. It troubles you not doing something about it.

Whatever your dreams are, if you are in the hunt for finding your passion, it is surely related to helping someone or trying to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. When you see the problems people are facing for which you have the solution, you just feel angry or upset why someone isn’t doing anything for the problem. It troubles you when you even think about it. It troubles you to such an extent that now you wan to do something about that. You pity on those who are suffering. If this is the way you feel about something in your life and you feel you have a better solution, welcome my friend into the gates of ‘purpose driven life.’

Your life will be worth living only when you are living with your purpose. So next time when you are in doubt, follow check out for these signs to know whether you are on right track.


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