Here’s one big reason you have to stop watching other successful people on TV.

We often see successful dancers, actors, anchors, cricketers and other celebrities on TV. We feel that they are awesome and how successful they are with overnight success. We secretly envy why we are not like them and wonder when we will achieve massive success like them. We wish we had a place to live like theirs, a car to drive like theirs, a place to hang out like them, a place to work like theirs. But what we don’t realize is that the hard work behind their successful carriers. Though we might feel that they have contacts and money as their primary influences, blaming them for the things they have will not take us where we want to be. And that brings us to the main reason of our log and that is: “At one point you will definitely realize that you have to spend more time improving yourself and less time watching other people on TV”.
I am always worried about how people stick to their television set and watch needless drama or mindless movie just to pass the day. Though TV is useful and I don’t doubt its credibility, we have a choice everyday to watch what we really need to and what we don’t need at all. And there is no harm in watching other successful people if you are learning from them and applying those life lessons in your life. But if you really want to be successful and want to improve your life standards, you should stop watching family dramas and reality shows. Although they are fun if you really like them but it should be filtered to only some specific shows. When you let TV rule your mind, you’ll see any programme that TV shows you and that is very harmful for your behavior and your future too.
Though there are few channels which are really helpful to you. Channels which show latest discoveries and innovations, newest food recipes, new gadgets and expert advice are all believed to help you in your future. You broaden your mind when you see and learn new things. Your knowledge expands and this results in improved work performance and new innovative ideas for your work.
And if you see the programmes that all are watching, you think like them, you’ll be like them and you’ll have the same result as them. As said by Robin Sharma, “To have the result few have, dare to do the things very few do”.
Till when will it last? When we will realize that it’s time for us to get on TV and do things that make a difference rather than watching other people.


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