These 3 things will happen if you have found your purpose for life.

For the majority, finding the purpose of life seems to be a daunting task. For some, it’s
Very hard and they give up on their way, but there are very few who go ahead in spite of all odds with perseverance and excel. But they are still not sure whether the work they are doing is moving closer to their purpose for life or they know their purpose for life. At whichever stage you are, how do you know that this is the only purpose of your life? How would you identify it among the ten other things your are pursuing along the way?

There are few things which will tell you that this is the only purpose of your life. If you have these feelings, chances are you are very closer to finding your purpose or you have done with it.

1. You repent not doing it after 5 years.

When you are not sure whether you want to do a particular thing or not, imagine your life five years from now. Would you repent not doing that one thing which you always wanted to do? It the answer is no, then you might want to reconsider why you are interested in doing that. But if the answer is yes, then I am sure you don’t want to regret. Right? Then what are you waiting for? Just push yourself, get uncomfortable and before life gets a chance to make you regret, go get and grab that chance so that you live a life to no regrets. This one thing alone will determine how much you are determined to do a particular thing. When the answer of this question is “yes, I’ll repent”, you’ll feel like crying and helpless and that is the sign my friend you might have found your purpose.

2. It brings tears into your eyes.

Imagine yourself succeeding at what you are doing. Imagine yourself clearly, deeply and thoughtfully. Imagine every vivid detail. Imagine yourself fully immersed in the life of your dreams. Imagine helping all those people who needed your help and have achieved great success from your help. How do you feel? Does it bring tears into your life? It may not. But you need to avoid all distractions, sit quietly and think. If it does, then 110% it’s your purpose for life. No looking back. No second thought. Go do it.

3. It troubles you not doing something about it.

Whatever your dreams are, if you are in the hunt for finding your passion, it is surely related to helping someone or trying to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. When you see the problems people are facing for which you have the solution, you just feel angry or upset why someone isn’t doing anything for the problem. It troubles you when you even think about it. It troubles you to such an extent that now you wan to do something about that. You pity on those who are suffering. If this is the way you feel about something in your life and you feel you have a better solution, welcome my friend into the gates of ‘purpose driven life.’

Your life will be worth living only when you are living with your purpose. So next time when you are in doubt, follow check out for these signs to know whether you are on right track.

Here’s one big reason you have to stop watching other successful people on TV.

We often see successful dancers, actors, anchors, cricketers and other celebrities on TV. We feel that they are awesome and how successful they are with overnight success. We secretly envy why we are not like them and wonder when we will achieve massive success like them. We wish we had a place to live like theirs, a car to drive like theirs, a place to hang out like them, a place to work like theirs. But what we don’t realize is that the hard work behind their successful carriers. Though we might feel that they have contacts and money as their primary influences, blaming them for the things they have will not take us where we want to be. And that brings us to the main reason of our log and that is: “At one point you will definitely realize that you have to spend more time improving yourself and less time watching other people on TV”.
I am always worried about how people stick to their television set and watch needless drama or mindless movie just to pass the day. Though TV is useful and I don’t doubt its credibility, we have a choice everyday to watch what we really need to and what we don’t need at all. And there is no harm in watching other successful people if you are learning from them and applying those life lessons in your life. But if you really want to be successful and want to improve your life standards, you should stop watching family dramas and reality shows. Although they are fun if you really like them but it should be filtered to only some specific shows. When you let TV rule your mind, you’ll see any programme that TV shows you and that is very harmful for your behavior and your future too.
Though there are few channels which are really helpful to you. Channels which show latest discoveries and innovations, newest food recipes, new gadgets and expert advice are all believed to help you in your future. You broaden your mind when you see and learn new things. Your knowledge expands and this results in improved work performance and new innovative ideas for your work.
And if you see the programmes that all are watching, you think like them, you’ll be like them and you’ll have the same result as them. As said by Robin Sharma, “To have the result few have, dare to do the things very few do”.
Till when will it last? When we will realize that it’s time for us to get on TV and do things that make a difference rather than watching other people.

Urgency alert! 3 big reasons why you need to take charge of your life right now.

These days, with too many distractions and needless media attention, it is becoming more and more difficult to think for ourselves. By the time we complete our job for the day, we are faced with social media updates, emails and constant attention of other stuff such as TV and newspapers. Needless to say, we are being bombarded from all directions and our attention span is becoming limited. The result is we stop paying attention to the things that matter most to us. Our ‘WE’ time has lost and it has to be founded. That true sense of purpose and satisfaction towards the life can only be developed when we take charge of our life. Below are the few reasons why it is the most important aspect of our life and why should we care about it.

1. Life is uncertain: Last week, a road accident happened on the highway when we were on our way to company. The accident happened between two cars, a truck and a bus. One car had employees of a company – around 10 of them. The tyre suddenly exploded and the driver felt out of control taking the other three vehicles along with it. After the accident, no one in that car survived. Out of 10, three were the heads of their family who were the only source of income and one was the new employee who has joined the company that very day. This made me realize that life is very uncertain and too short for doing the work you don’t want to do.

2. Time passes very quickly: A day passes by slowly but years passes too quickly. Yes, this irony is realized when we become adults. We think that yesterday only we were small and how fast time has changed. We don’t realize how time passes by if we don’t manage it yet we fail to manage it. Think of all the ten people in the above example. If there was anyone in that group who secretly wished that he would do something but did nothing for years but waited, think how he would have felt when approached death before his eyes. All the dreams not pursued, all the words not spoken, all the good deeds not done were full of regrets because he was afraid or felt too shy to pursue them.

3. Excuses are no longer allowed: There is only 1% of population out there which is really working hard and not making excuses. The rest of us are too busy making excuses. When you make excuses to let others believe that you are not pursuing your dreams because of some reason, they might believe you but you cannot fool yourself by making excuses. Deep inside, you know that any excuses you make which is not moving you towards your dream is only killing you. You may choose to entertain yourself by making excuses or you may educate yourself. And remember, in the world of heroes, where only dreams come true, excuses are not allowed.

Whether you think you have time or not, you are right. But that more of time should be used thoughtfully and same too with the lack of time. And the latter option is what drives us towards our dreams faster.

What to do when there’s no immediate solution around

There comes a time in each one of our lives where the number of problems in life from all areas is so much more than our ability to deal with them. Even worse, there’s one more problem associated with the major one. Our mind is totally blank, we don’t know what to do and the moment we try to even think, we are loaded with so many options that we hung up and do nothing. This leads to depression and addiction to bad and unhealthy habits. Even worse, you recall all those days when you used to have so much fun and begin cursing your present life. Does it sound similar to you? Well, this is common problem to most of the people today. And as I encounter more such people day by day, there was an urgent need for a way which could help such people deal with those problems. Here are few things you can do if you have been in such a situation.

1. Realize that you are not alone: Whatever problem we deal in life, we should realize that we are not alone. Millions of people daily are faced with the problem you have right now and they have found their solution too. The question is, ‘What are you going to do to solve your problem?’ Search those people, talk to them and may be you will find a solution.

2. Realize that it’ll take time: All good thing take time. All situations, either good or bad are temporary. Whatever may be your present condition, it’s not your full and final condition. It’s okay to get frustrated and feel that your life will never be same again but you have to make yourself understand that God uses time to test your patience and you have to develop that attitude if you want to change your life for the better.

3. Read self help books: Books are men’s best friend if you pick them wisely. And in this case, self help books will come for your rescue. In this genre, there is solution to each and every problem related to your personality and life. What you have to do is go to the store and pick up a title related to your problem. And whenever you are inspired by any story, article or video, repeat that reading or watching again when you feel sad. It’ll quickly raise your self confidence.

4. Meet people who are inspiring and enthusiastic about life: You have to surround yourself with the enthusiastic people whom you want to be like. More importantly, you have to be with them. If there is none in your surroundings, go search the internet and find the bloggers who are constantly updating their sites to help people like you. If you care for yourself, then you’ll find lots of people ready to help you for free. Read their articles, watch their talks, and think their thoughts. Soon, your thought will change from being like a loser to more of a winner.

5. Take one smallest step at a time: If you have taken all the above steps and you are committed to change your present condition, then you need to take one smallest step daily in the direction of your dreams. And if you want the result fast, take that small step first in the morning and do it consistently. It can be as simple as making a list of all the contacts you want to call on one day and calling few of them on next day and the remaining few on the day after that. You can apply this simple example to any area of life and divide it into smaller steps.
Try using these simple ricks to get your life back on track. In fact, these are the only hacks you need to know if you are really not getting any solution and need a plan to break the walls.