An open letter to my friend.

This is an open letter to my friend whom I thought could give some advice on life. Although I could tell this to him directly, I thought it would be better if publish this letter on my blog so that my other friends can read it too and learn if it applies to them.
Dear friend,
It’s been years since we know each other and have spend some memorable moments which we will cherish throughout our life, there are few things I want to tell you before we part. Although we are going to be in the same city in future, but before we get back, I wanted to share with you few things about our lives. It just worries me that you are not much happy with your life and want to do something meaningful, and I have just perfect advice for you. Though I cannot call it perfect and I am not perfect either, I experienced these same problems years back but the way I have overcome those obstacles and living the life I am now proud of, I want to give you some teachings on life in a hope that you’ll apply and feel happy about your life again.
I see that you are continuously complaining that life is not like before and you want to do something, you want to quit, you want to get lean, you want to exercise, you want to enjoy life more but what steps are you taking daily in order to get there? Let me get this straight. Watching four hours of TV is not going to solve your problem in any manner. If at the end of day, you are not satisfied with the life you are living, it’s your responsibility to take steps towards what you want in the remaining time. And use your common sense dude, “Is TV going to help you in that?” get the answer yourself.
Another thing is the mental obstruction you face when you hear any useful advice. Leaving your comfort zone is the first thing you have to do if you want to achieve anything worth. When you hear an advice about not watching TV, your comfort zone pulls you toward itself and gives you 1000 reasons why you should stick to your TV.
You want to get lean but how much are you working towards your health. Are you paying attention to your health? You know sugar is bad for your health in the long run then for God’s sake start to minimize the intake slowly in your diet. And if you argue that you only take one full spoon sugar in your whole day, my friend, you eat sugar in a lot more ways you don’t even know. So don’t give me that reason. You are only fooling yourself because you can’t quit sugar. And sugar also helps you in aging. That’s good if you want to get older early. You can’t quit cigarette because you are addicted. But ask yourself, “Can I really do without a cigarette?” The answer is a big YES. Not all can live but most of them are living without a cigarette and you can too. You can’t live without water but you can surely live without a cigarette. And you can quit it to. You are not a five year old child. Right? As you cross 30, your metabolism will be not as it i now and it will be slower than before. All this effects will not be seen until then.
If you want to do something different than your current job, start taking that first small step in the direction of your dreams. Don’t wait for that year, one month or one week. That “SOMEDAY” will never come if you wait. TRUST ME on that.
Don’t give me the excuse that you are not ready for marriage yet. The truth is that you are scared. You are already 26. How much more time do you need? You are already earning enough. And that I am saying because you have found your soul mate. Then what are you waiting for? Sometimes, that thing from which we are running is the key to our success. Who knows that after getting married your life partner motivates or supports you in a way that you didn’t even imagine and that was the only push you needed? Nothing can be as awesome as this one. Don’t run away from marriage. It’s not a jail. It’s more of a freedom actually.
And believe me, there will be no shortcuts. It took me much determination and will power to live a life I had only imagined but if you think that living your life in this way is difficult for you and you are ready every time with an excuse, then for GOD’s sake stop complaining everyday and be happy and if you are not satisfied, then do something every day to get closer to your goals.
You can change your life or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both.


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