Life is simple and complicated too. It depends on us. When we think too much, it becomes complicated and when we think less and enjoy being in the present, it simple. But do we humans like to make our lives complicated? No one in this world makes his/her life complicated knowingly. It’s our circumstances that make our life complicated. But we don’t have much control over our circumstances. Do we? But we do have a control over how we react to our circumstances. I think part of what makes our life complicated is the social pressures to settle. Complete your education, get a job, get married and settle. Settle as soon as possible. Really? I mean is settling so important? I agree that you should but what about your dreams? What about the dreams of your partner? Sometimes, in this unnecessary urgency of settling, we forget our dreams or one of the partners has to let go his/her dreams. And that is exactly what happens these days. What’s the worst that could happen if they settle after few months of sorting out what they want to do with their lives? Why this unnecessary social burden? Why are we doing this? To show everyone that we can start a family too? Everyone has their own lives. But social comparison is the biggest hurdle we are facing right now in an educated society. In today’s educated and developed society, we think 1000 times become spending money on our new gadget but never spend a minute thinking about our dreams. Is this education all about? But regardless of what everyone thinks, no one can change people and their minds hence the best way to make our lives simple again is to let go of social pressure that is holding you back and be bold to ask for the life of your dreams. There is no time like now. Don’t worry about what others think you are. They were not going to help you anyway. So why worry about them? Go ahead and make a move. You were born to make a difference.


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