What once seemed Impossible!

Every once in a while, we all have a wish or dream inside us that seems impossible to accomplish when we first think of it. When we think of it, our mind says, ‘hey, that’s great, but you know you have to finish this task on hand first? Or something like this, ‘hey, that sounds interesting but you know many people have tried it before and you don’t have any experience in it. Why even try and waste time?’ But sometimes that dream is so strong that we can’t resist it even though we feel like giving up. That little voice constantly reminds us that something is missing and we need to work on it as soon as possible or else we’ll regret it. Same happened with me when I thought I’ll be writing a book someday. But it was after two long years of writing when I was about to publish my book that real problems began. I couldn’t find anyone who would guide me where should I send my book for review. Of all my friends, hardly anyone liked reading and the couple of them who liked reading, didn’t even respond to my manuscript after I sent them. So I reviewed it myself and any other guidance if needed, I took from Chris Guillebeau, who is the author of $100 start-up. Finally realising that there was no option left, I decided to take the risk and self publish it. And within a month, the book was in my hands. I felt tremendously proud of myself that in spite of many things on which I would cry, I decided to take the road less travelled and finally became an author.
The other incident happened when I was desperately looking for the job. Earlier, I didn’t like to prepare for the interviews and when I would sit in front of the interviewer, I used to answer like a dumb employee who didn’t even know why he was giving the interview. No matter how desperate I was to change my job, I just couldn’t prepare for the interview. The task just felt impossible. This happened two times and I was rejected both times. It struck me then that if I want to change my environment and my city along with the best possibilities in future, I need to work hard and make that happen. No one is going to do that for me. When I sat for the first round of interview, I answered some questions in a brilliant way I didn’t even imagine. The little preparation gave me enough confidence to tackle all types of questions. It was at this time that my heart whispered to me that you are going to make it this time. But my mind interrupted with fear and doubt. But I decided to pay attention to my heart. And during further interviews, my level of awareness was at its peak. The moment interviewer asked the questions, I was ready with the answer. And this time, I was selected on my own without any referrals or contacts.
In both the cases, what once seemed impossible was achieved after many struggles and constant battles between the mind and heart. When something feels right, your heart will always exclude all the limitations while the mind will counter all the limitations why it can’t happen. It is therefore necessary that we learn to recognize what our heart says and think of only one reason why it would happen instead of all reasons why it won’t.


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