2 important life lessons from 2 STATES

alia-arjun-2statesWith a tremendous response from CB readers, the book ‘2 States’ has finally been adapted into a movie with same title and is running packed houses all over India currently. The movie has succeeded in entertaining people from all walks of life. However, there are two most important life lessons we can learn from the movie and on which the movie itself relies.
1. Nothing worthwhile is achieved easily.
While it is clear to everyone that hard work is essential to success, the movie describes it in a unique way. The movie itself is a result of a highly successful novel which was written by Chetan Bhagat who wrote three bestselling novels before writing this masterpiece. This states that we need to have patience and we need to produce a lot of work before our best piece comes around. Nothing worthwhile is achieved in first place. The story itself is real about the personal struggle that the author faced in his life and how he overcomes them.
The mental toughness and the understanding which one needs in order to marry our soul mate is clearly seen when Krissh and Ananya tries to make their parents understand about their love for each other and that a single, in fact many denial doesn’t mean that the answer will always be no. Also, that if we get frustrated by small short comings and distractions, we will never be able to fulfil our long term dream for which we waited for so long.

2. Do something for yourself.
When Krissh is asked by Ananya’s father what are his plans for the future, he tells him that he wants to be a writer. Listening this Ananya’s father appreciates his decision saying that it’s good he wants to work for himself or else, for whole life, you’ll do the preparation and someone else will give the presentation and take the credit. This is very important in today’s generation where majority of people are constantly following the crowd without even thinking for themselves. They just want to work for a particular company just because it provides a decent salary or because their friends say it’s a nice place to work for. It can be nice but there are very few who apart from job, do the work which they love doing. They just follow the orders in their working hours and after that follow the social media or the TV. But it is important to realise that in order to find yourself, in order to live a life worth living, you need to find that work which truly excites you or gets tears in your eyes when you do that.