Are you looking for a new job?

I read somewhere that according to a survey, 80% of employees don’t enjoy their job. And after personally working for someone else after two years, I can confidently tell that around 90% of people don’t enjoy their job. And for the remaining population, it’s just no one has asked them. If asked, they would too give the same answer. And if someone says that they actually do enjoy their job and if you give them the reasons to work as an entrepreneur and list all the benefits which they don’t get while working for someone else there’ll be hardly anyone in the world who’ll say they still love their job. So what’s stopping us from walking such path? It’s insecurity. Its fear. Its ignorance. Most of the people I know don’t even know that they can find their passion and work on it to make it a full time living. And if they know, they fear the society, they fear their own abilities. An employee who has enough from his current job and decides that its time for him to do something which will make him more independent, the same employee if gets an offer from another company offering him to pay higher, will discard all the thoughts and will be drawn towards the new job for temporary relief not knowing that they will be in the same path years later. So this time if you are looking to do something meaningful with your life which I am damn sure everyone wants, stop looking for a new job and start looking for that big opportunity where you can make difference to the world. And even if you fail, at least you won’t regret.

What are you doing this weekend?

What are you doing this weekend? This question pops up to everyone’s ear when Friday comes to an end? And you must be saying, well nothing sort of special. May be you’ll just hangout with your group, you’ll plan for a movie, you’ll visit a picnic spot. You’ll do anything just to relax yourself. And the whole world is doing the same. They are all taking days off their work. But there are few individuals who’ll step aside and do something to get closer to their dreams. May be they’ll not miss a workout, they may write those few chapters of their book, they may not skip their language class, they may learn to cook that favorite dish. It can be anything. But those small actions are what separate the rest from the best. This weekend, do yourself a favor, say no to all distractions and just focus on one thing you thought will put off this weekend and take that first step no matter how small.