What will happen now?

Often, people are worried about this question. Every time they think of something of their own interest, this question immediately pops out of mind. Before our own interest, comes to mind other people’s opinion and thoughts. What they will think? What they’ll do? What they’ll say?

Well…first of all, think what you’ll do if you were unable to hear other people’s voice? Think of the rewards it’ll bring to you if you did it. Think of things you’ll regret if you didn’t do it. People are going to say anyways whether you do it or not and the same people who criticize you today will be proud of you tomorrow when you’ll listen to your heart.

So you as well listen to your heart.

What are you guys waiting for. Go, do the thing you have always dreamed of. And don’t stop until you are proud.


do-something-that-matters-300x182Hi guys, sorry for being away for long. But this time, there’s a special post for all you lucky people. Lucky because you took the initiative to read this. And you are among the top 1% people who took the initiative as compared to those who just saw the title of this post and left. Today, we are going to change the world. How? Let me tell you.
You see, whoever you meet or be with through out your day needs something. They need a smile, they need some support, they need some advice. So today, find someone who needs some help and then search all your contact list to see who can help them and then try to connect the two people. And if they found each other helpful, it could change someone’s life. Think about it. Even if each of us tries to bring two people in need together, imagine how wonderful this world will be.