Go for it!!

I knew I will write a book someday and I had that intuition within me to write a book. When my college friends were crazy for publishing papers of their research work, I told them, ” I don’t wanna publish a paper, rather, I’ll publish a book.” And that made me feel better. Two years after that, I do have my story ready and I have even started writing my book but as time passed, I realised that though I was passionate about writing a book, I never took that stuff seriously. This realisation hit me now when I think I could have completed the book by today even If I allotted half an hour everyday. But as in life, we are always ready to blame the life for its unexpected events. But after getting into my first job, I realised that hours pass into days and days pass into months. And if I continue to delay my work like this, its gonna cost me more. As it is said, a trainer and a gym is not a cheap idea, but disease costs you even more. Same holds for other areas of life where we delay unnecessarily simply beacause we are tired and feel lazy. So now, the king of procstination (me) is gonna devote some time daily writing few pages of my book. And I don’t want to write this blog again with same story after two years. But what to do when I get tensed thinking I wasted much time in lazyness? well.. for that, there’a a beautiful sentence written, ” Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished in time”. Enough for a procastinator like me to calm down and concentrate on my calling.


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