A promise fulfilled.

one year ago, I wrote this blog post, https://dhaval1238.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/go-for-it/ and promised myself to commit to writing daily and see my book published. Now one year later, when I see there are hardly few days left for my book to be published, I couldn’t believe I have truly delivered a promise to myself. There were many hurdles along the way, I felt disinterested sometimes but a little urge inside motivated me to keep going. There were times when my manuscript was rejected by the top publishers and that made me even more excited as I knew that the moment you fail, you are one step closer to success.
It’s really amazing feeling to see your book on the internet where once there used to be books written by others and I only used to stare them. But now, I’ll be one of them.1098208_630867300266205_625876973_n
In life, we often break promises made to others but what matters most is how you deliver the promise made to yourself.


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