Are we really independent?

india-641141_1280Morning folks. Today, everyone will be happy as we are celebrating our 68th independence day. But do we even take littlel time to think whether we are really independent or just blindly updating our facebook status and whatsapp messages?

1. Can child marriage be called independent marriage?
2. Do the choice of our life partner by parents and not by ourselves choice called an Independence?
3. Is the inability to think creatively and just blindly following the crowd called independence?
4. Is letting your child pursue some specific degree in college in which he/she is not interested be called independence?

Obviously no, but these things still prevail even after 68 years of Independence. If the above issues doesn’t matter to you, don’t read further but….

if they do matter, then why the hell are we celebrating Independence day??

A promise fulfilled.

one year ago, I wrote this blog post, and promised myself to commit to writing daily and see my book published. Now one year later, when I see there are hardly few days left for my book to be published, I couldn’t believe I have truly delivered a promise to myself. There were many hurdles along the way, I felt disinterested sometimes but a little urge inside motivated me to keep going. There were times when my manuscript was rejected by the top publishers and that made me even more excited as I knew that the moment you fail, you are one step closer to success.
It’s really amazing feeling to see your book on the internet where once there used to be books written by others and I only used to stare them. But now, I’ll be one of them.1098208_630867300266205_625876973_n
In life, we often break promises made to others but what matters most is how you deliver the promise made to yourself.

Go for it!!

I knew I will write a book someday and I had that intuition within me to write a book. When my college friends were crazy for publishing papers of their research work, I told them, ” I don’t wanna publish a paper, rather, I’ll publish a book.” And that made me feel better. Two years after that, I do have my story ready and I have even started writing my book but as time passed, I realised that though I was passionate about writing a book, I never took that stuff seriously. This realisation hit me now when I think I could have completed the book by today even If I allotted half an hour everyday. But as in life, we are always ready to blame the life for its unexpected events. But after getting into my first job, I realised that hours pass into days and days pass into months. And if I continue to delay my work like this, its gonna cost me more. As it is said, a trainer and a gym is not a cheap idea, but disease costs you even more. Same holds for other areas of life where we delay unnecessarily simply beacause we are tired and feel lazy. So now, the king of procstination (me) is gonna devote some time daily writing few pages of my book. And I don’t want to write this blog again with same story after two years. But what to do when I get tensed thinking I wasted much time in lazyness? well.. for that, there’a a beautiful sentence written, ” Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished in time”. Enough for a procastinator like me to calm down and concentrate on my calling.

The $100start up tour at Ahmedabad.

1st Dec was AIDS day and the day for Chris Guillebeau’s $100 start up tour at IIM Ahmadabad. I already pre-ordered the The $100 start up book when I first saw it because I knew from its cover that it has some ingredient of inspiration in it. And as I guessed, when I read the book, it did have a lot of insightful ideas which I never read before. It encouraged me to think that even I can start a business of my own which was contrary to what I thought earlier that business can only be started with heavy investment. Moving on to the event, it was organized at IIM, the top management institute of the country. So there were two reasons to go, one as Chris and the other was IIM. I earlier mailed Chris to confirm whether I needed any print to enter the campus. And he said it was not necessary but when I entered the campus, the security personnel asked me about the invitation card. I tried to convince him about the event and after explaining the same to his superior, they allowed me. I can’t express the feelings I had when I entered the campus. It was as if I always wanted to go there and this was the day. As I entered the auditorium, there were only a handful of people but as the event started, the auditorium was full. I saw Chris and his wife Jolie and couldn’t believe for a moment. I know there are also humans but it’s a different feeling when you see a person living thousands of miles away from you and inspiring you in a way never before. I was waiting only for his session and finally he spoke. I had a question for him and after all speakers finished speaking, I was handed over the mike for the first question. He gave me a detailed answer and it was as usual an inspiring one. Luckily, I was awarded with discounts coupons from for asking a question. Throughout the session, I was wondering whether I would be able to meet Chris. As the speakers stood up, I quickly ran towards the stage and few people already got to the stage to talk to him. I was sure I’ll get a chance to meet now. When I gave him my book for an autograph, I introduced myself as the ‘Email guy’, which I told Chris through our talk via mail. He was glad to see me. On the page where I told him to give autograph was written, ‘My 101 goals’. He gave me a compliment that it was a nice book and turned on to see its cover page. It was Jack Canfield’s Key to living the Law of Attraction. I took a snap with him and finally said goodbye with a handshake and a final remark, ‘Keep changing the world’. When I got down the stage, Jolie, his wife for standing near the stage waiting for him to go for lunch. I went to her and congratulated her for the great job they both were doing, that they both make a nice pair. She gave a sweet smile and thanked me. I took my lunch at the campus and took an exit as I had to meet a friend of mine at Ahmadabad. When I left, it was like a dream come true. I was feeling like a winner with Chris because in spite of doing such a great work, he was so down to earth, which is a rare quality these days and it was one of the best experience of my life. Chris Guillebeau had helped me already and after meeting him, he has inspired me even more. Chris, if you are reading this blog post, I want to tell you that I can’t repay you what you’ve done for me unintentionally but I’ll surely repay it to the world one day by helping and inspiring people the most.2