Times When I failed

There were times when I have been failed badly. Infact, very badly. I didn’t thought about the mistake much but when others blamed me, I felt like a loser. I took up all blame on myself and kept thinking about it for days till the person who blamed or scolded me didn’t speak with me nicely.

When my dad used to fit nutsImage and bolts at home and when I was unable to do so, he used to say me that childrens of my age are working in a garage and I am not even able to open a screw? I was so thin that when someone even pushed me a little with their finger, I would fall down and that made me feel guilty of myself. And when I grew up, all those faults in me eventually vanished.

But again, when I entered adulthood, same problems disguised in other forms started reappearing. When I found a new job, it was easy to make mistakes as you are trying to adjust in new environment. When I signed some wrong papers on behalf of my friend thinking they might be correct as my friend was much more experienced than me, it was found that they had all incorrect details and the blame was all on me. It happened one more time. Third time, it was all my fault and it was my first official mistake but by then, my image had been spoiled and I was highly criticised. A time came when I was scared to work more fearing I might make a mistake.

But thanks to an unknown group of people on the internet who helped me inspire with their writing, pictures and talks that making mistakes is not that bad and you can learn a great deal about life if you make more mistakes. True wisdom, they say is only gained by making mistakes.

Now, after making a hell lot of mistakes, I just say I have grown much wiser and not afraid to make mistakes. Though I am extra careful than before but when I make mistake now, instead of getting afraid what others will think, I get excited about the lesson I’ll learn from it.