How to make your decisions work.

Have you ever struggled with making decision? I am sure you have. And guess what the worst part of making decisions was? As time passed by, you eventually found it difficult to follow up and dropped the decision half way or as it happens in most of cases- you didn’t even start. You just decided. You never did it.

Well, there is another side of the story which will extend your decision making process and make it even stronger so that you can proudly make their decisions work.

Normally, we just decide to do a particular task or project and fill it will big dreams but when it comes to taking the first step, we procrastinate. So next time, when you decide anything, consider it as only half done. Decision actually takes place when one decides and takes the first step. Unless we take the first step, we haven’t actually decided.

So take this as a rule to take the first step when you decided. Unless you take the first step, don’t consider it as a decision. Without the first step, you have just thought.

10 things to do on a holiday

1. Help out those in need.
Look around the people in your locality who need your help. May it be social organizations, temples or any poor people? Help them and make them smile.

2. Clean/de-clutter your home.
Get up and remove the things you don’t need, re-arrange other things and make your home smell fresh.

3. Call your friends and relatives.
Get in touch with your old friends and relatives whom you haven’t talked since long. Make a list of ten people and talk to them without any time limits.

4. Spend time with children.
Often parents are so caught up in work that they struggle to find time for their children. Allot one day fully to your children. This is a gift they will cherish for long.

5. Movie and dinner with your spouse.
Plan a romantic movie with your spouse and a candle light dinner after that. This will surely make both of you feel good.

6. A local picnic with family.
Decide a local place in your city where you can enjoy the day with your whole family.

7. Outing with friends.
Arrange a get together with your old group of friends and have a blast.

8. Spend the day alone thinking for yourself.
If you have not since long thought for yourself, then it’s time to reflect on your current thinking. Spend a day planning your goals, analyzing them and deciding what truly you want from your life.

9. Do something that you haven’t done since long.
Think of something you used to do earlier but forgot in the busy walks of life. Recall that and do that right now.

10.  Sleep and relax.
It’s not necessary that you should do any of the above things. If you are too confused, spend your day sleeping and relaxing.