10 Things To Do To Be A Superhero For Your Child


Everyone has a role model or a superhero they admire. Some have actors, a sports person or a politician. But the real magic happens when a child says something like, “My dad is my superhero” or “My mom is my superwoman”. Every parent wishes that their child look at them as a good human they admire. But it doesn’t happen over time. They are watching you and modelling you as they grow up. And for them to learn best from your behaviors and actions, do these 10 things:

1. Respect and show love for your partner.

You may not think even once before talking to your spouse but your children are watching you and they will apply the same behaviors when they grow up. If you constantly fight with your spouse, they may think that marriage is a bad thing and always brings trouble. While if you are loving and caring with your spouse, it makes them feel that they should do the same when they grow up.

2. Instill positive values in them.

Values like respect for elders and their peers, helping others in need, and welcoming guests are very important and are being lost in young generations. They are too busy with video games and internet. Show them how these values help them when they grow up and they’ll thank you when they are older.

3. Let them make small decisions according to their age.

Let them order their food and talk to the waiter; let them decide which subject to study; let them decide which place to go for an outing. By allowing them to make these decisions in their day to day lives, they’ll feel more independent and this will increase their self confidence. Moreover, they’ll learn if they make any wrong decisions.

4. Listen to them.

Listen to them before acting when they complain, when they talk to you or to others, and even when they are not speaking. Their behaviors will also tell you a lot of things. And this listening will help you in making better decisions about their future which will help them.

5. Gift your time. Every day.

Spend some time with them every day. When they don’t get your time, they turn to TV, junk food, unhealthy friendships and toxic behavior. Don’t let this happen to them. Talk to them regularly and tell them it is okay to share any problems they are having.

6. Involve them in social gatherings.

When you go out in a function, let them stand beside you. Introduce them to other people. Let them see how you meet and talk to people. Let them know what to talk about when you meet people. Don’t keep them home and think that their studies will be disturbed. What they’ll learn in this social environment will be much more important than the bookish knowledge they learn in one hour.

7. Teach them how money works.

Don’t just give them the pocket money. Assign them some work and give them money based on their work done so that they’ll know at a very early age that one has to work to get money. Also tell them to invest a part of the money they get so that they can use it when they need it most.

8. Tell them the importance of following their dreams.

Not everyone follows their dreams because they realize them too late or no one told them when they were young. Don’t take a chance that your children might say this when they are old. Encourage them to dream big, support their ideas and help them in case they need it. This way they’ll get the courage to try new ideas when they really want to.

9. Encourage them to play indoor/outdoor sports.

Sports teach us a lot. While indoor sports help in developing our mind, outdoor sports teach us leadership, teamwork and keep us physically fit. When your children are actively involved in sports, their physical as well as mental well-being improve dramatically over age.

10. Keep them away from TV/junk food.

Junk food and TV are the most popular relief places when one is stressed or not happy. Do all the above things to keep your children happy. Always eat home-made food and watch less TV. Give them a book or encourage them to do something different.

All these things done daily over years will make your child stand out among the competition these days. And when they excel at whatever they do, they’ll thank you for paving the path when they were young.

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10 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV

tv1We all know TV is helpful to us in many ways. But with more and more competition among channels and media, it has turned into a tool for a waste of time. However, very few people watch TV for any beneficial reason. Most of the people out there just watch TV to relieve their stress, for the sake of habit or for entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with these things, when you become addicted to TV you waste your most important time on reality shows and nonsense news rather than on productive things. And if you are like most people who are addicted to TV and want an alternative to break your habit, here are 10 alternate things you can do instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV.

1. Read a book/newspaper.

Read an interesting book on your topic of interest. At least you’ll learn something useful related to your area of interest. Read a newspaper so that you can find out new things happening in your city or any event about to take place. This way, you’ll learn more about the real world surrounding you rather than just virtual world.

2. Call a friend.

Making new friends is very easy but what matters is maintaining that friendship. Call a friend whom you haven’t talked for a long time or follow up with someone who you met last week/last month. Reminding them that you care will not only bring a smile to their face but strengthen your relationship.

3. De-clutter/organize/clean your home.

Your home is your heaven. There is no place on Earth as good as your own home. We feel the safest in the world at this place. So next time instead of sitting in your couch, clean your home. If it’s already clean, then organize it. If that’s also done, then de-clutter and remove things you don’t want. You’ll be more relieved when you own fewer things. Clean, organized and few things will help you focus on other important things in your life.

4. Join a class.

Join a hobby or activity class like music, dance, yoga, swimming, etc. There are a number of activities going on in your surroundings. Step out and learn something new. Your future self will thank you for it.

5. Teach someone what you know.

No matter how dumb you think you are, you can always teach someone something that you know, whether it be cooking or teaching on a particular school subject. If you think you are not smart enough to teach, think again. You can always teach people younger than you about what you’ve learned till now. Don’t hold yourself back. Go out there and make a difference. Your confidence will sky rocket once you do this and it’s very easy.

6. Visit someone.

Visit a relative or a friend of yours. Calling on the phone and visiting someone actually is a lot different. This way of approaching people, just to know about their lives or to know about their health matters a lot to them. Don’t procrastinate. It’ll compensate 10 times more than your missed TV show.

7. Rethink your goals.

The goals you make in life changes as time passes. Today is the best time to revisit your goals. Think of why you made them, add any new goals to your list, think of what has been done and what needs to be done to accomplish them. It’ll motivate you to work more and inspire you to make them come true.

8. Organize a gathering.

You don’t need to organize an expensive picnic or outing to get together. Call your friends and organize a gathering at your home. Get together and relive old memories. The warmth and laughter of people around you and their support is better than all the celebrities you admire and who you’ll never meet or even know in this lifetime.

9. Do something outside your comfort zone.

Do one thing every day that scares you. It can be asking for extra time off from work, asking out a guy/girl, making that bold move in your business, or taking a courageous step in face of uncertainty. I know that will not take 2-3 hours but the amount of preparation you’ll need to take these steps will definitely cost you hour, as you’ll be acting against your comfort zone. But that time invested in fear and acting against it will take you far ahead in life.

10. Reach out the people ahead in your field.

We all have someone that we admire in our field. Your job is to learn from their failure and their success. Reach out to them either physically or virtually and pick their brain. You’ll be surprised at the amount of knowledge and information you get by just listening to them for 30 minutes.

Most of the people watch 2-3 hours of TV daily. Imagine if we only pick one hour daily to do the things mentioned above instead of TV. How would your life change over a course of few months/years?

This post first appeared on lifehack.org

Why I don’t care what others think


Worrying about what others think is a constant game played by our mind on daily basis. No matter how hard we try, we’ll at least think once on what people are thinking about our looks, our behavior, our actions and even about our family. I want to tell you that I have come to a stage where I don’t care what others think. Few years before, I was a boy who was even worried about how my hairs looked in front of people. I used to constantly comb my hairs in front of people in order to look good. I preferred to keep silence in front of people in order to be on safe side. But not anymore. It took a lot of practice but it was worth it. I now feel in total control of myself. Here are reasons why I don’t care what others think:

  1. It gives me stress and it’s not good for my health.
  2. It steals my happiness and it’s not good for my present.
  3. It steals my focus and it’s not good for my purpose in life.
  4. It steals my courage and it’s not good for my future.
  5. It makes me average and it’s not good for my personality.
  6. It wastes my time.

So what can you do yourself to think like that? Apart from the above tips, ask yourself these questions whenever you think you are focusing on others more than yourself.

  1. What if I had only six months to live? Would I think of them then?
  2. DO I want to be like the one from whom I am so afraid?
  3. What if today was my last day on Earth?

And finally, I want you to think of this: Imagine you are dead. And two types of people are talking about you.

Type 1: “Mr.______was a good human being. He would have accomplished a lot in his life if he had not worried about what others said to him.”

Type 2: “Mr.______is a great guy. He accomplished a lot and helped millions of people. And he would have not been able to accomplish this if he constantly thought about what everyone else was thinking.”

This line above would suffice to give you enough courage. So what are you doing right now? Do you now care what everyone else thinks?

How to take right decisions – Every single time.

Quotes-PapyrusFont-ConnectedDecisionsNewsletter-012-Mark-Twain-v1-60dpiDecisions are the most difficult things to make and particularly when they are the major ones that can change our future like selecting a field for further study, choosing a right life partner, starting a particular business or it can be simple ones like selecting a school for your children, selecting which clothes to wear or choosing your friends. But here is where most of us take a step back. And it happens because of two main reasons.

One, they fear failure. They fear what might happen if they make wrong decisions. They fear they’ll lose their money, never get clients for their business or will regret allowing a person to be a part of their lives.

And two, they fear criticism. Criticism from people they have never met, criticism from people who have never helped others but are always ahead in making them feel small for their failures and criticism from people who are happy to see them fail.

And this is a major road block. So how can you overcome the fear of making right decisions? After reading these four strategies, you’ll be dying to make your decisions.

  1. There is a lesson behind every decision: All the decisions you make whether right or wrong has a lesson in it. If you make right decision, it makes you more confident next time. While if you make wrong decision, this also makes you more confident as it guides you what not to do next time. So next time when you fear of making wrong decisions, think that you’ll at least get to know what didn’t work. Though you may lose something behind that wrong decision but it can help you or even others when they’ll be the same path as you are now.
  2. Take decisions and then make it right: Whoever said, “I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make it right” was absolutely correct. The classic example of this is what majority of youth suffers today. They regret studying in a field in which they have no interest and are now stuck in a job they hate. There is no point in worrying. If you really want to change your field, develop your strength and skills, decide to start working in your area of interest in part time, get a mentor, learn from people doing what you want to do and slowly get ahead. You cannot change your past but you can always change your future.
  3. Stop making decisions based on your past/ others past: Usually we fear taking decisions because we had a bad experience with that in the past or others had a bad experience in the past. We usually think that what happened to others will happen to us too. Each and every individual has different experiences on this earth and we also have different experiences than our past experiences. You cannot judge an outcome before it happens. 99% of things we normally fear never happen and remaining 1% happens so quickly that we don’t even get time to worry.
  4. Decide what your instinct whispers: Doing what your instinct whispers in never a wrong move. You should make it a habit of listening to your inner voice whenever you want to make a major decision. It always helps.

But most importantly, if you remember all the above four strategies while taking any decision, you won’t regret it.


We are not born to pay bills and die!

we're not born just to pay bills and dieThe other I came across a quote on the internet while I was in search of some daily inspiration and I came across this one.

We are not born to pay bills and die.

And I thought, “Man! That feels damn so right”. I mean, just think of this guys. How many times did we thought of this before? And this is what most of the people on this planet do. They just get up, go for job, watch TV, sleep and then return to work next day.

They increase their salary and then buy more things, get more money and then buy more things. When did we last stop and reflected on what we are doing? Whether the path we are following is ours or written by someone else’s? Are we truly happy with what we have? Are we helping in making this world a better place while we are alive?

These are the questions, my friends, you need to ask yourself today. Because we are not born just to pay bills and die.

What to do if you don’t know what to do.

ad lshort-page0001Endless waiting,dreaming, procrastination and information gathering was not enough. I waited too long too long to realize that the more I knew, the better I would be. That is true of course. But I’ll be getting better throughout my life and if we see it that way, I would never start. It is after that I learned from my mentor Sandeep Maheshwari that it doesn’t matter you know little but whatever you know, you have to apply it wholeheartedly. And this changed my life forever. And I now need to use my strengths to make my future as I dream of having it one day.

“What to do if you don’t know what to do?”

So I decided to help those who are stuck in life with no direction, without focus and without a clear purpose of what they want to do in their life. And hence I am launching my first personality development course. This course answers the main question for you. “What to do if you don’t know what to do?”

And readers, you are the average of five people you spend most time with. So don’t forget to spend time with the achievers in the GROW UP ACADEMY.